Jeon Jong-Seo Attends Moon Sang-Min’s Core Family Event

Episode 5 of Wedding Impossible aired on Monday, March 11, 2024, on tvN. The previous episode ended on an intriguing note. Lee Ji-Han (Moon Sang-Min) falls on Na A-Jeong’s (Jeon Jong-Seo) shoulder after getting extremely drunk. In episode 5, the audience sees Na A-Jeong taking Lee Ji-Han to her home that night.

Wedding Impossible episode 5 also showcases Lee Do-Han (Kim Do-Wan) finding out that Lee Ji-Han has stayed the night at Na A-Jeong’s place. In the episode, viewers also see Na A-Jeong attending an intimate family event of Lee Ji-Han and Lee Do-Han. Throughout the episode, it is clear that Na A-Jeong and Lee Ji-Han have slowly begun to develop feelings for each other.

Wedding Impossible Episode 5: Jeon Jong-Seo joins Moon Sang-Min, Kim Do-Wan for an important family event

Episode 5 of Wedding Impossible begins with Lee Do-Han (Kim Do-Wan) meeting another man in his house. From their interaction, it seems like they have a history together. The episode also hints that the two have some unresolved issues between them. Then, the episode takes viewers right where the previous episode ended. A drunk Lee Ji-Han tries to give a piggyback ride to Na A-Jeong and falls on the street.

He can not even remember the passcode to his apartment. Thus, Na A-Jeong has to carry him to her house. Then, Wedding Impossible episode 5 shows Lee Ji-Han (Moon Sang-Min) waking up at Na A-Jeong’s (Jeon Jong-Seo) place. He still remembers what he had said to Na A-Jeong before falling on her shoulder. However, he does not remember the rest of the night.

Na A-Jeong already knew that Lee Ji-Han would forget everything about the night, so she had recorded everything. She shows it to Lee Ji-Han, who is embarrassed after seeing all his silly activities that night. He then tries to take Na A-Jeong’s mobile phone to delete the video. It leads to an intense moment between the two as Lee Ji-Han falls over Na A-Jeong. At the moment, Lee Do-Han arrives at Na A-Jeong’s place. He is shocked to see his brother, Lee Ji-Han, coming out of Na A-Jeong’s house.

Later, in episode 5 of Wedding Impossible, Yoon Chae-Won (Bae Yoon-Kyoung) meets Lee Do-Han and Lee Ji-Han’s grandfather. She asks him to give Lee Ji-Han to her. After that, the episode shows Lee Ji-Han conversing with Yoon Chae-Won. Although he feels differently, he talks badly about Na A-Jeong to her, making her look like a terrible person. Suddenly, Na A-Jeong arrives and lashes out at Lee Ji-Han for talking poorly about her. She seems furious at him.

Towards the end of Wedding Impossible episode 5, Lee Do-Han picks Na A-Jeong from her house to take her to an important family event. Lee Ji-Han is also present in the car. The entire way to the place, Lee Ji-Han and Na A-Jeong argue with one another. The three of them go to pay their respect to Lee Ji-Han and Lee Do-Han’s late mother on her memorial day. Their grandfather is also present there, along with Yoon Chae-Won.

While returning from there, the reporter who kidnapped Lee Ji-Han during his childhood arrives. Lee Ji-Han’s grandfather leaves the place immediately with Lee Do-Han and Yoon Chae-Won. Thus, Na A-Jeong is left with Lee Ji-Han, and the two get into the car. At the end of the episode, Na A-Jeong returns to the place to properly introduce herself to Lee Ji-Han’s late mother. While standing in front of her photograph, she tells her that although she will be a fake wife to her son, she will still take good care of him.

It’s raining heavily when she comes out of the place. Lee Ji-Han has been waiting for her with an umbrella outside. While rushing towards him in the rain, Na A-Jeong slips, and Lee Ji-Han catches her. It leads to an intense moment between the two. Episode 5 of Wedding Impossible ends right there.

Viewers can watch Wedding Impossible episode 5 on Viki and Amazon Prime Video in selected regions.

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