Han Seo Hee says she will file complaints against the spread of false information in response to her latest controversy

Former idol trainee Han Seo Hee has responded to her latest male idol controversy.

On March 11, Han Seo Hee responded to the latest messenger controversy, where she allegedly talked about male idols with an ordinary individual.

Han Seo Hee refuted, “I’m getting up now to check, but I will sue anyone who spreads false information from now on. Firstly, that wasn’t me, why are you writing articles as if it were me without even checking? I will sue everyone.”

This notice was also posted on Han Seo Hee’s fansite and stated, “(Han Seo Hee) said she is currently preparing to file complaints against the inappropriate posts based on false information that is being circulated. She is looking for the initial poster who posted the false information online.”

Earlier, Han Seo Hee has once again become embroiled in a controversy over leaked messenger conversations. 

In the conversation that is being spread online, Han Seo Hee is seen talking to an ordinary online user, A. During the conversation, Han So Hee is seen asking A, “Who did you date?” and talking about different male idols.

In another open Kakaotalk chatroom, Han Seo Hee also shared that she met with another male idol and went on to say, “I wanted to make E cry but he showed up with cologne on. So I sniffed him and took off his hoodie, telling him he smelled nice. He had nice abs but I still didn’t get excited. E is really not my style. When you see celebrities, you get excited but E is really r***ded.”

As the controversy became heightened, Han Seo Hee took to social media to deny that the individual in the conversations was her. 

Meanwhile, this is not the first time Han Seo Hee has gotten into a controversy over leaked messenger conversations. She was embroiled in a controversy after an intimate conversation with a male actor was leaked online. The male actor ultimately filed a complaint against Han Seo Hee for violation of the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (obscenity offense using communication media).

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