Understanding and using “Common SEO” on ExpiredDomains.net – Domain Name Wire

Here’s what each field does and how to harness its power.

I received positive feedback on my previous video about using ExpiredDomains.net to find domains to buy (“I had no idea I could add multiple words!”), so I’m back with another tutorial.

In today’s video, I’ll show you how to set the “Common SEO” filters.

“Common SEO” is somewhat of a misnomer. Sure, there are some SEO-related fields in this section, such as inclusion in DMOZ and Yandex, but there’s a lot more.

I explain the difference between the Whois Birth Year and Archive Birth Year, and how setting these correctly will help you avoid missing valuable domain names. I show examples of domains that won’t be captured if you only use the Whois year, including why the registration date for the domain was reset.

Hope this is helpful:

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