Top 10 App Store Optimization Services

In an era where app marketplaces are overflowing, distinguishing your app becomes crucial. App Store Optimization agencies are the architects behind enhancing your app’s visibility and appeal. This guide, made by our expert team, explores these agencies’ pivotal roles, offering insights into their innovative strategies and the significant impact they have on app success. It explores expertise, where analytics, creativity, and market savvy converge to elevate your app’s standing in a competitive digital ecosystem.

Top App Store Optimization Services


app store optimization services


Location: New York, New York

Pricing: $50,000+

Employees: 50+

Best for: Small Business, Midmarket, Enterprise

Moburst are app store optimization specialist, employing a unique approach that leverages over 5,000 keywords per language per store to craft the ultimate ASO strategy. This depth in keyword research is unmatched, ensuring your app stands out in crowded marketplaces. Their services include optimizing app descriptions, titles, and keyword lists, coupled with meticulous design and A/B testing. Moburst’s expertise extends to localizing strategies and maximizing your app’s potential in various markets. With a track record of working with over 600 apps across diverse industries, they bring a wealth of experience and proven tactics to the table.


  • Mobile Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Media Buying and Planning


Location: San Jose, California

Pricing: Upon Request

Employees: 50 – 249

Best for: Businesses of all sizes

Gummicube is at the forefront of app store optimization, offering a 360-degree approach to mobile marketing. With over a decade of experience, they excel in increasing search rankings through keyword and metadata optimization, boosting conversion rates with A/B testing, and optimizing user acquisition. They stand out for their deep understanding of app store search dynamics, focusing on targeting the core terms crucial for your app’s success. Their commitment to delivering data-driven test plans and creative assets ensures your app gains visibility and resonates with your target audience, driving organic growth and success.


  • App Store Intelligence
  • Paid Search Intelligence for Apple Search Ads and Google Ads
  • Focus Groups and User Surveys for ASO


Location: Barcelona, Spain

Pricing: $5,000+

Employees: 10 – 49

Best for: Small to Medium Size Businesses

PickASO offers specialized mobile app marketing services tailored to enhance your app’s market presence. Their expertise in ASO, combined with user acquisition and social ads strategies, positions your app for success in competitive digital landscapes. PickASO’s approach is not just about implementing effective strategies; it’s about empowering you with the knowledge and skills in mobile app marketing. They provide a holistic service that aligns with your brand’s vision, ensuring your app achieves high visibility and maintains it through continuous innovation and strategic marketing efforts.


  • Influencer & Content Marketing
  • Design & Creativity Services
  • Training and Workshops in Mobile Marketing

The ASO Project 

Location: Wheaton, Illinois

Pricing: $1,000+

Employees: 10 – 49

Best for: Small Businesses

The ASO Project offers premium app store optimization services, setting your app apart in the digital marketplace. Their full-service approach covers all aspects of ASO, ensuring maximum downloads and visibility. With proprietary technology and methods, The ASO Project enhances app visibility and conversions, leading to exponential organic download growth. With a focus on data-driven decisions and continuous optimization, they ensure your app reaches and maintains top rankings across app stores.


  • Mobile Strategy Development
  • Content Marketing for Apps
  • Link Building for Apps


Location: Berlin, Germany

Pricing: $25,000+

Employees: 50 – 249

Best for: Midmarket, Enterprises

Phiture stands out in the realm of app store optimization services with its Managed ASO program. This program is designed to improve your app’s rankings and drive organic installs. Phiture’s team of ASO experts, data scientists, designers, and engineers offer a comprehensive suite of services, including keyword optimization, A/B testing, and insights from advanced scraping and rank-tracking tools. Their collaborative approach ensures insights are shared with your team for a unified strategy. 


  • Mobile Growth Consultancy
  • User Acquisition Strategy
  • Mobile Analytics and Business Intelligence


Location: Santa Monica, California

Pricing: $25,000+

Employees: 50 – 249

Best for: Businesses of all sizes

TechAhead offers extensive app store optimization services, ensuring your app stands out in Apple’s and Google Play Store. Their expert team optimizes mobile app marketing architecture using the best tools available. TechAhead’s services include keyword research, tracking & monitoring, product page optimization, creative services, and conversion optimization. They emphasize the role of ASO in achieving global visibility and brand recognition, ensuring your app attracts downloads and resonates with a global audience. With a focus on increasing app downloads through effective communication and A/B testing, TechAhead guarantees your app’s success in the competitive app market.


  • Web & App Development
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • User Experience (UX) Design

1SEO Digital Agency

Location: Bristol, Philadelphia 

Pricing: $100 – $149/hr

Employees: 50 – 249

Best for: Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

1SEO Digital Agency excels in app store optimization services, ensuring your app gains the visibility it deserves. Their approach to ASO includes a variety of factors like titles, descriptions, ratings, app quality, and updates, all tailored to improve your app’s ranking. 1SEO’s understanding of app store algorithms enables them to craft strategies that make your business successful. They focus on user experience, ensuring your app not only attracts users but also provides a seamless journey from discovery to download. 


  • Digital Marketing Services
  • App Design and Development
  • Social Media Marketing


Location: Madrid, Spain

Pricing: Upon Request

Employees: 2 – 9

Best for: Small Businesses

ASO4Apps provides top-notch app store optimization services, focusing on increasing your app’s discoverability and conversion. Their approach to ASO is holistic, integrating it into your overall marketing plan to support product development and user monetization efforts. ASO4Apps offers services like app auditing, ASO growth forecasting, strategy planning, and result analysis. They excel in market research, app performance analysis, user reviews and ratings analysis, A/B testing, and conversion rate optimization. 


  • Paid User Acquisition Strategy
  • SEO for Mobile Apps
  • Social Media Management for Apps


Location: Odesa, Ukraine

Pricing: $1,000+

Employees: 250 – 999

Best for: Midmarket, Enterprises

Netpeak sets itself apart in the app store optimization services sector. Their ASO services are designed to increase organic traffic, boost app installs, and attract new target audiences. Their approach includes promotion strategy development, keyword research, metadata optimization, KPI analysis, and building summary reports, ensuring your app achieves high rankings and maintains them.


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Email & Direct Marketing
  • Chatbot Development for Business


Location: Kerala, India

Employees: 2 – 10

AppRankPro is a mobile app marketing agency offering specialized app store optimization services to enhance the visibility of your app in the Google Play and App Store. Their focus on achieving higher rankings in search results and top charts ensures your app stands out amidst a highly competitive landscape. AppRankPro provides a range of services, including keyword research, icon and screenshot design, title and description preparation, store experiments, promo video creation, and social backlinks. 


  • OS & Android Keyword Installs
  • IOS & Android Direct Installs
  • App Marketing Strategy and Consultation

Impact of Keywords on App Store Rankings

App Store keyword stat

App stores are highly competitive marketplaces where countless apps vie for attention. The strategic use of keywords in App Store Optimization (ASO) can determine your app’s success. Keywords act as the bridge connecting user searches to your app, making their optimization a pivotal aspect of your ASO strategy. Let’s see how keywords impact your app store rankings. 

Keyword Selection and Placement

The journey of ASO begins with the careful selection of keywords. It’s essential to identify terms that resonate with your target audience’s search habits while remaining intimately relevant to your app’s features and benefits. Astonishingly, 65% of app installs originate from keyword searches in the app store. This statistic underscores the importance of selecting keywords that are not only high in search volume but also low in competition. 

The placement of these keywords is equally crucial. The app’s title is the prime location for your main keywords, as it significantly influences the app store’s ranking algorithms. In fact, including keywords in the app’s title can boost its ranking by over 10%. The subtitle and app description also provide opportunities to integrate secondary keywords. Here, the challenge is to embed these keywords seamlessly, ensuring the content remains engaging and informative.

Performance Monitoring and Adaptation

ASO is an ongoing process, not a one-time setup. Regularly monitoring the performance of your chosen keywords is essential. This involves analyzing their impact on your app’s ranking, download rates, and user engagement. Such insights are crucial for fine-tuning your keyword strategy, allowing for adjustments and improvements over time.

App Discovery and Downloads

Keywords in ASO are more than just search terms; they are the catalysts for enhancing your app’s visibility and success. With a well-crafted keyword strategy, you can significantly improve your app’s discoverability. Effective ASO can lead to a 31% increase in app downloads, a notable rise in conversion rates, and up to a 40% surge in visibility. 

The strategic use of keywords in ASO is a game-changer in the competitive app marketplace. By meticulously selecting, placing, and continuously adapting your keywords, you can effectively optimize your app’s presence in the app store, leading to increased downloads and sustained success. 

Benefits of Hiring an App Store Optimization Agency

With that in mind, not everyone is an app store optimization expert. And if you’re not, it’s best to hire those who are. That’s where app store optimization (ASO) agencies come in. They can be your ally in navigating this landscape, offering numerous benefits, including:

Expertise in Market Trends

ASO agencies don’t just follow market trends; they understand the underlying factors driving these trends. Their deep insight into user behavior and preferences enables them to tailor your app’s presence in the store to align with current and emerging trends. Agencies like Moburst demonstrate such expertise. They were hired by Samsung to promote their new Galaxy Apps app store. Moburst implemented a segmentation strategy and targeted users based on interests. They targeted a few critical groups – gamers, design enthusiasts, and Galaxy users. They developed campaigns for each group. For example, gamers were directed to the gaming section, while design enthusiasts to the design section. The campaign was hugely successful, resulting in a +1,400% growth from downloads. 

Keyword Optimization

The effectiveness of keyword optimization lies in the agency’s ability to conduct thorough research and analysis. They delve into search patterns, competitor keyword strategies, and evolving language nuances to identify the most impactful keywords. This process goes beyond basic keyword insertion, focusing on strategic placement in the app’s name and frequency to maximize search visibility. 

In a practical application of keyword optimization, AVIS, a global car rental service, partnered with Gummicube to enhance their mobile app’s visibility and user acquisition. Gummicube’s approach involved a comprehensive overhaul of AVIS’s keyword and metadata strategy in the App Store and Google Play. This initiative led to a remarkable increase in AVIS’s app visibility: a 59.65% growth in total ranked keywords and a 114% increase in top 10 rankings in Google Play, with even more significant results on iOS. The strategic focus on keyword optimization not only improved AVIS’s search visibility but also contributed to a substantial rise in downloads, nearly 50%.


Source: Gummicube

Enhanced App Visibility

Improving visibility involves a comprehensive approach to optimizing your app’s title, description, visuals, and even user reviews. ASO agencies employ a combination of Search Engine Optimization techniques and creative content strategies to make your app more appealing and discoverable. Igor Blinov, an ASO expert, shares his thoughts on app store title optimization best practices. He says some of the best-performing apps combine the app’s name and key features. He gives the “Afterpay: Buy Now. Pay Later” app as an example. 

User Engagement and Retention Strategies

ASO agencies extend their services not just to attract users but to engage and retain them. They analyze user feedback, study engagement patterns, and implement features and updates that interest users. This approach helps build a loyal user base and increases the lifetime value of each user. Agencies like PickASO take this a step further by combining ASO with user acquisition and social ads strategies. Their holistic service seamlessly integrates with a brand’s vision, ensuring a smooth and effective journey from attracting users to retaining them. By doing so, PickASO not only enhances initial user interest but also fosters ongoing engagement, turning first-time users into long-term customers.

Data-Driven Approach

In ASO, agencies often employ advanced analytics tools like App Annie or Sensor Tower to delve into app performance metrics. These platforms provide a comprehensive view of user demographics and behavior patterns, crucial for tailoring ASO strategies. For instance, App Annie offers detailed market data and competitive insights, enabling agencies to benchmark an app’s performance against its peers. Sensor Tower, on the other hand, specializes in providing granular, real-time data on user engagement and acquisition trends. By leveraging these tools, ASO agencies can make informed decisions, pinpointing what works and what needs refinement in an app’s marketing and development strategy.

Source: Sensor Tower

Competitive Edge

In a crowded app market, a well-implemented ASO strategy can set your app apart. ASO agencies employ the latest techniques to give your app a unique advantage. They keep abreast of the latest ASO developments and technologies, ensuring your app not only competes but excels. Agencies like Netpeak develop promotion strategies and conduct keyword research to give your app a competitive edge. This includes optimizing app metadata with well-researched keywords, enhancing the app’s visibility in search results. They also focus on creating compelling app descriptions and visuals that resonate with your target audience, making your app more appealing and engaging. With their expertise, Netpeak ensures that your app stands out in the crowded marketplace, attracting and retaining users effectively and ultimately driving success in the highly competitive app ecosystem.

NetPeak ASO Services


Continuous Optimization

ASO is an ongoing process, not a one-time effort. Agencies provide continuous support, regularly updating your app’s ASO strategy in response to market changes, user feedback, and performance data. This ongoing optimization ensures that your app adapts and grows with the market. Agencies like Phiture best exemplify this. They adopt a collaborative approach to ensure ongoing mobile app optimization and adaptation to search algorithms and market changes. Their approach involves regularly analyzing user behavior and market trends, allowing them to fine-tune your app’s keywords, visuals, and overall presentation in real-time. This dynamic strategy not only keeps your app relevant but also maximizes its potential to consistently rank higher in app store search results, ensuring it remains visible and attractive to new and existing users in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Global Reach

For apps with global aspirations, ASO agencies can be instrumental. They specialize in optimizing your app for different regional markets, taking into account language, cultural nuances, and local user behavior. However, not every agency specializes in global app reach. Agencies like TechAhead put global visibility as their cornerstone offering, ensuring users worldwide will find your app in the crowded marketplace. Their expertise in global ASO strategies involves deep research into regional trends and preferences, tailoring your app’s presence to resonate with diverse audiences. They adeptly handle localization challenges, from language translation to cultural adaptation, ensuring that your app not only appears in global searches but also appeals to the local sensibilities and needs of users in various regions. This comprehensive approach significantly enhances the potential for your app to achieve international success.


Our in-depth exploration of the app store optimization sector is rooted in extensive research, encompassing over 14,000 agencies. This analysis spans more than six years of experience in the ASO field, coupled with the creation of over 3,000 articles. Our methodology involves a meticulous assessment of each agency’s offerings, pricing structures, and client feedback. We’ve also incorporated an expert rating system, considering factors like industry reputation, innovation, and unique service features. This rigorous approach ensures our list reflects the most competent and influential players in the app store optimization arena.


Selecting an adept App Store Optimization agency is a strategic move toward your app’s triumph. These agencies not only amplify your app’s marketplace visibility but also strategically position it to captivate and retain the right audience. With this expert guide, embark on a journey to discover an ASO agency that aligns with your vision, comprehends your target market, and employs avant-garde techniques to catapult your app to the zenith of app store rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

ASO is similar to SEO; it is an optimization process that enables apps to rank higher on app store search results, aiming to increase visibility and drive more downloads.

How does ASO differ from SEO?

While ASO and SEO share similarities in using keywords to improve search visibility, ASO is specifically tailored to the algorithms of app stores and focuses on factors like app title, description, and user reviews.

Can ASO impact my app’s revenue?

Absolutely. Effective ASO not only boosts app visibility and downloads but can also lead to increased in-app purchases and ad revenue.

How long will it take to see results from ASO efforts?

Results can vary, but typically, noticeable improvements in app ranking and downloads can be seen within a few weeks to a few months of implementing ASO strategies.

Is ASO a one-time process?

No, ASO is an ongoing process. Continuous monitoring and adjustments are needed to keep up with market trends, algorithm changes, and competitor strategies.

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