Shin Hye Sun Isn’t Afraid To Face Jo Yoon Seo With Support From Ji Chang Wook And Her Hometown In “Welcome To Samdalri”

JTBC’s “Welcome to Samdalri” has unveiled new stills ahead of the upcoming episode!

Helmed by “When the Camellia Blooms” director Cha Young Hoon, JTBC’s “Welcome to Samdalri” is a romance drama starring Ji Chang Wook as Jo Yong Pil, a man who has faithfully stayed in his hometown on Jeju Island all his life in order to protect its residents. Shin Hye Sun stars as Jo Sam Dal, who grew up together with Jo Yong Pil as his close childhood friend.


Previously, Jo Sam Dal’s former assistant Bang Eun Joo (Jo Yoon Seo) seduced Cheon Choong Gi (Han Eun Sung), who cheated on Jo Sam Dal. Furthermore, Bang Eun Joo also took down Jo Sam Dal while she was at the peak of her career and even stole her portfolio, presenting it as her own idea.

Although Bang Eun Joo received praise for the stolen idea, her lack of skills became evident to other people during a photo shoot. While trying to manually focus the camera, her photos all went out of focus, and the photo shoot was delayed for hours over the promised time. Bang Eun Joo continued to blame others for the delay, eventually causing the model and staff to leave the set in anger.

The newly released stills depict Eun Joo and Choong Gi on Jeju Island. Like how Jo Sam Dal’s other assistant Go Eun Bi (Kim Ah Young) mentioned, Eun Joo gained another opportunity through her boyfriend to partake in a photo shoot on Jeju Island. Nevertheless, unlike in Seoul, Jo Sam Dal is surrounded by people who will protect and support her including Yong Pil as well as her friends Kyung Tae (Lee Jae Won), Eun Woo (Bae Myung Jin), and Sang Do (Kang Young Seok) and her hometown neighbors who are like family.

The stills further depict Kyung Tae, Eun Woo, and Sang Do as well as haenyeos (female diver that harvests sea life for a living) Geum Sool (Baek Hyun Joo) and Bu Ja (Kim Mi Hwa) expressing their anger and glaring at Eun Joo and Choong Gi, who they are aware caused Sam Dal’s downfall in Seoul.

The next episode of “Welcome to Samdalri” will air on January 7 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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