Park Seo-joon files a lawsuit against perpetrators attempting to defame and incite hatred against him

Actor Park Seo-joon, a well-known figure in South Korea, has declared through his agency that he has taken legal action against several people for slander. These online users have allegedly been disparaging him and disseminating misleading information. The actor also issued a press release through his agency, Awesome ENT, outlining the preparations for the court process.

Since the formal complaint was lodged in 2020, procedures have progressed.

Awesome ENT is committed to safeguarding the goodwill of the Gyeongseong Creature actor and are now taking steps to prevent his name from being defamed online by s*xual harassment accusations, malicious slander, distributing deceptive data, insulting family members, as well as creating and releasing fake productions.

Park Seo-joon’s agency Awesome ENT vouches to show no mercy towards perpetrators

According to the Awesome ENT’s declaration on its official website ( and reported by Joy News, the company had originally filed complaints with the Seongdong Police Station in Seoul in 2023, aimed at a number of people – whose names were undetermined – on charges of disrepute against Park Seo-joon and several vengeful posts towards him in 2020. The agency noted:

“First, in 2020, our company filed a complaint against a number of malicious posts on charges of defamation against the actor, and last year, we also filed a complaint with the Seongdong Police Station in Seoul against a number of people whose names were unknown on charges of defamation.”

After evidence against the charged individual was recently secured, it was reportedly turned over to the prosecution. The agency also noted that a few are being investigated by the police at the moment and will soon be turned over to the prosecution.

The statement read:

“Recently, evidence that can identify the accused has been secured, and some of the accused have been transferred to the prosecution. Some are currently under police investigation and are scheduled to be transferred to the prosecution in the near future. We ask for your understanding as it is difficult to disclose details such as specific case numbers and specific nicknames in order to cooperate with the investigative agency in maintaining confidentiality.”

As reported by the South Korean media outlet Joy News, Park Seo-joon’s agency reiterated its commitment to resolving the situation once and for all, expressed “zero tolerance” for such behavior, and stated that they will not hesitate to use formal authorities should that be necessary. The business acknowledged that it was gathering more information to identify the defendants who were still posting derogatory comments against Park Seo-joon.

Awesome ENT claimed that they are still reviewing the legislation and choosing targets for complaints as well as legal counsel. They said they would take the matter all the way to the conclusion in order to stop activities that harm the Gyeongseong Creature actor’s name and character from happening again and to hold the responder legally accountable in line with their zero-tolerance principle.

In his most recent project, Park Seo-joon co-starred with South Korean actress Han So-hee in the Netflix drama Gyeongseong Creature, which enthralled viewers.

Seo-joon is a well-known personality in South Korea’s entertainment business owing to his captivating appearance and superb acting abilities, making a lasting impression on both small and large screens.

Prior to Gyeonseong Creature, the actor starred in the MCU movie The Marvels (2023) and the Korean film Dream (2023), opposite sensation IU. Before that, he starred in the Oscar-winning film Parasite (2019) and the famous K-drama Itaewon Class (2020).

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