Park Seo-joon and Han So-hee talk about their hilariously awkward journey from formalities to friendship

Park Seo-joon and Han So-hee are riding high on the success of their recent drama ‘Gyeongseong Creature‘. The duo recently made an appearance on ‘The Game Caterer’ and engaged in a fun conversation facilitated by producer Na Young-seok. The duo candidly discussed the transformation of their relationship, from initial awkwardness to a brotherly camaraderie.
When asked about how they addressed each other, Park Seo-joon revealed, “I just call her So-hee ya, So-hee ya”, showcasing a casual familiarity. Han So-hee, on the other hand, admitted to changing her address based on the situation, “I just call him differently from time to time. Sometimes I call you ‘hyung-nim.’ In the group chat with director Chung Dong-yoon, I call them ‘hyung-nims,’ and sometimes I call him ‘oppa’”, as reported by Kbizoom.
Producer Na Young-seok, noting the extended filming duration of ‘Gyeongseong Creature’, inquired, “Have you been filming “Gyeongseong Creature” for almost two years? I think the names you called each other when you first met would have changed”. Park Seo-joon confidently asserted, “Aren’t we much closer than that?” prompting writer Lee Woo-jung to comment, “It’s the first time that Seo-joon says he’s really close to someone”. Meanwhile, Na Young-seok playfully remarked, “He’s really cold-hearted”.
Han So-hee provided insight into her approach, saying, “But I’m not the type to say, ‘Oh, you’re so cool today, senior'”. Park Seo-joon chimed in, laughing, “That must have been so uncomfortable”. Han So-hee emphasized the significance of keeping things simple, stating, “If we did that, we wouldn’t have gotten close. So I just said hello. That’s why we might have gotten close now”.
Delving into the initial days of their collaboration, both actors admitted to an awkward atmosphere even during simple greetings. Han So-hee recalled the turning point, revealing, “We became close when we were shooting the last action scene.” Writer Lee Woo-jung noted the unique connection, stating, “Seo-jun usually doesn’t talk to me, but he talks to So-hee.” Park Seo-joon added, ” What’s funny is that even when we were shooting the drama, we didn’t film many scenes together.”
A humorous anecdote surfaced as Han So-hee reminisced about a particularly awkward encounter during a break in filming. She shared, “The action was so hard at the end, so I was sitting on a chair to rest. Seo-joon dragged a chair and came right next to me. I couldn’t even talk to him. It was so awkward I could die.” She further added, “I was like, “Why is he here?” and I asked, “What’s your blood type?” and I was told that it was AB. I said mine was the same, then I stayed still for 5 minutes and asked for his MBTI, and it was INFP. I said mine was the same, and I didn’t say anything again. So I stayed still and said I was preparing for the shoot, and I said, “Yes,” and I ran out right away”, highlighting the charmingly awkward early days of their friendship.
As fans eagerly anticipate the next season of ‘Gyeongseong Creature’, the off-screen chemistry between Park Seo-joon and Han So-hee promises to be as captivating as their on-screen performances.

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