Han Seo-hee Breaks Silence On Private Chat With Business Proposal Star Ahn Hyo-Seop

Published By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: January 31, 2024, 14:49 IST

Han Seo-hee denied she leaked the conversation. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The leaked screenshot from their conversation revealed that Han Seo-hee invited Ahn Hyo-seop to a luxury hotel in Gangnam, South Korea.

Ahn Hyo-seop from Business Proposal and internet personality Han Seo-hee have become the center of attention following a controversial private conversation that has ignited discussions and debates among their fans. The leaked Kakaotalk exchange suggests that Han Seo-hee reportedly invited Ahn Hyo-seop to a luxury hotel in Gangnam, South Korea, proposing a night together. While speculation arose that Han Seo-hee might be responsible for the leak, she addressed the situation, asserting that the conversation was ‘fabricated.’

Following the denial of the allegations on Instagram, Han Seo-hee reportedly deleted her account and created a new one, according to All Kpop. In the aftermath of the alleged conversation leak, she seems to be dealing with a surge in follow-up requests on her new account. Addressing the situation, she requested people to hold off on sending more follow requests, stating, “I’m going to make it public soon. I need some time to prepare, stop sending follow requests for now.”

Reports suggest that on the same day the alleged messaging between Han Seo-hee and Ahn Hyo-seop was leaked, Han Seo-hee had posted a picture of the Josun Palace hotel. In the conversation, Han Seo-hee purportedly invited Ahn Hyo-seop to the hotel, suggesting, “Hey, answer quickly. Come to Josun Palace with me tomorrow.” Ahn Hyo-seop asked her the reason, to which she suggested, “Let’s order room service and enjoy dinner together. It’s not your money anyway.” However, as Ahn Hyo-seop stopped responding, Han Seo-hee allegedly expressed frustration and asked, “Ignoring me? You want to die or what?” The exchange took an unsettling turn, as Ahn Hyo-seop found her messages scary.

For those who may not be aware, Han Seo-hee has a complex and controversial past. In 2016, she faced legal consequences, receiving a 3-year prison sentence along with an additional four years on probation for drug-related charges. During her trial, her legal troubles intensified, leading to an additional 1-year and six-month prison sentence for using Philopon, also known as the ‘love of work’ drug. Despite her appeal to the Supreme Court, her request was rejected. In 2020, she encountered another six months of imprisonment. After her release in November, K-pop fans, disturbed by her troubled history, expressed concerns and requested she maintain her distance from Ahn Hyo-seop.

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