BTS’ Jin impresses friends Park Seo-ham and J-Hope with handmade wine ‘The Butterfly’s Pot of Honey’ | K-pop Movie News

Despite undergoing training in the military, BTSJin continues to make headlines. This time around, he is in the news for his wine making skills!
Recently, singer-actor Park Seo-ham shared a glimpse of a heartfelt gift he received from the global superstar and his close friend, Jin. Taking to his Instagram story on January 7, Park Seo-ham showcased a unique present that arrived in the form of a special package containing handmade wine crafted by Jin in 2022.The Semantic Error star expressed his appreciation through a story post, unveiling the bottle titled ‘The Butterfly’s Pot of Honey’.
In his Instagram story, Park Seo-ham conveyed his gratitude, writing, “The Butterfly’s Pot of Honey made by Seokjin hyung, thank you~~~”. The personalized touch of the handmade wine served as a poignant symbol of their enduring friendship, further emphasizing the thoughtful nature of the gift.
Jin’s venture into winemaking took center stage on The Drunken Truth show in 2022, where he shared his journey of creating meaningful gifts for his loved ones. ‘The Butterfly’s Pot of Honey’ wine, crafted with care by Jin, has now reached two recipients, with BTS’ J-Hope being the other alongside Park SeoHam.
BTS’ J-Hope also took to his Instagram story to express his gratitude for receiving the Honey Jar of Butterfly, the Korean Traditional Liquor handmade by Jin during his collaboration with Korean traditional wine master Park Rokdam. J-Hope’s story post showcased the thoughtful gift, and his thank-you note echoed the sentiments of appreciation for Jin’s creativity and commitment.
The enduring friendship between Park Seo-ham and Jin traces back to their trainee days at Big Hit Entertainment (now HYBE). Although they took divergent paths in their careers, with Park SeoHam transitioning from the popular group KNK to acting and Jin rising to global stardom as a member of BTS, their connection has remained strong over the years.
The depth of their camaraderie was highlighted by Park Seo-ham when he once lauded Jin as the most handsome idol he had ever seen, expressing genuine shock upon their initial meeting. Even during Park Seo-ham’s military service, he revealed that he frequently listened to Jin’s track ‘The Astronaut’, showcasing the enduring influence of their bond. The shared history and continued friendship between Park Seo-ham and Jin exemplify the lasting connections formed within the world of K-pop, transcending time and career trajectories.

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