7 biggest brand endorsements by Park Seo-joon, Korea’s CF king

From luxurious fashion houses to popular cosmetics companies — Park Seo-joon’s roster of brand endorsements is as diverse and vibrant as his filmography. So much so that he’s earned a reputation of being South Korea’s ‘CF (commercial films) King.’ Here’s a look at a few adverts that made big numbers.

A quick walk down Seoul’s most bustling streets is likely to bring one face-to-face with billboards or bus posters featuring actor Park Seo-joon. We’re talking commercials across verticals like food, beauty, clothing, alcoholic beverages, the works. A peek at his Instagram account reinforces this popularity — complete, with media features, fashion-show looks, and 30-second teasers for various brands. This is courtesy of the 35-year-old actor’s stellar body of work, which includes a string of hits.

The most iconic of them is the 2018 office romance What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, which sent him straight to the top of the list of the most preferred advertising models. Multiple media outlets note that the actor’s youthful charisma appeals to both men and women. According to a report by South China Morning Post (SCMP), the sought-after star earned about USD 8.2 million in 2021 from commercial films alone. Here’s a look at few popular endorsements of Park Seo Joon.

Best brand endorsements of K-drama dreamboat Park Seo Joon


French luxury fashion house Chanel officially brought the actor on board in 2020, primarily as an ambassador for its skincare line. He has also been spotted promoting its perfumes and sporting the brand’s clothing on multiple occasions. Most recently, this included a wool jacket at the maison’s Paris Fashion Week show — where he was spotted with South Korea’s ‘human Chanel’ and BLACKPINK star Jennie.

Later, he attended the Tweed de Chanel high jewelry event, where he abstained from several poses to keep on theme with the brand’s directives “Chanel requested a ‘chic and natural pose’ for the attendees of the Tweed de Chanel event. Poses involving hand hearts, cheek hearts, and Vs (peace signs) were deemed unfitting with the desired aesthetic,” a news report (translated) stated, according to AllKpop.

Tommy Hilfiger

American fashion giant Tommy Hilfiger — with big names like Gigi Hadid and Shawn Mendes on board — chose the actor as their first Asian model in 2017, according to South China Morning Post (SCMP). Another report by IB Times quoted the brand as stating, “Park Seo Joon fits well with the simple and dandy image that our brand desires. We look forward to the synergy that ‘Tommy Hilfiger’ will create with Park Seo Joon, who’s a trending actor with great popularity and influence in the Asian market.” Since then, the actor has been spotted at several fashion shows and endorsements of the brand.


The iconic name behind quality fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pens also has an exquisite lineup of leather accessories like bags, wallets, and belts on offer. And in 2018, it chose Park Seo-joon as the first brand ambassador of its Korean outpost. A report by HelloKpop quotes the actor as saying, “I cannot believe that I will be the face of a brand that everyone knows. Thank you for the opportunity.” He added that his younger brother was quite the fan of the brand and got in touch with him immediately after hearing of his association with it.


Iconic South Korean beauty brand Laneige brought Park Seo-joon on board in 2019. Reflecting on this decision, IB Times quotes Jeon Yun-jin, the Director of Laneige as stating, “I judged that the bright and healthy image of actor Park Seo-joon is consistent with the global premium cosmetic Laneige brand.” In line with this, across several commercials for Blue Energy (the men’s moisturising anti-aging line), the actor’s conventional good looks shine. The actor stated, “I am delighted to be the new face of Korea’s leading global brand, Laneige. In the future, I will try to show you various aspects and charms as a model of Laneige.”


With the likes of Ananya Pandey and Snoop Dogg endorsing its footwear line — Skechers has built a reputation for being a quality, fashionable go-to. In 2021, it announced Park Seo Joon as its regional ambassador for Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, and Vietnam — noting that the actor would take the lead on several campaigns. “I feel very honoured and happy to be the new Skechers Regional Brand Ambassador. Shoes are important for people like me, who are always on the move. I can’t wait to share my favourite Skechers looks with everyone and hope all of you will like them too!” Lifestyle Asia quoted him saying. In a popular advert, she sports the brand’s best-selling, lightweight Stamina Airy with a comfortable memory foam insole.

Chamisul Soju

South Korea’s national drink Soju has a special place in the hearts of locals. A popular brand — Chamisul — got PSJ on board for an endorsement alongside one of the industry’s best-paid actresses and longtime ambassador IU. According to AllKpop, the brand believed the former’s ‘soft yet clean image’ would appeal to women in their 20s and 30s. In a popular advert, the actor makes a move on IU, asking her “Do you drink?” to which she responds with, “One drop of isul.”

BYS Cosmetics Philippines

Park Seo Joon’s popularity landed him several international commercial gigs, a popular one being BYS Cosmetics Philippines — which boasts some of the best products in the industry. A 2020 report by Manila Bulletin quotes a brand representative stating, “Since the Haliyu wave is at its peak, we’ve chosen one of the biggest K-drama stars to be the cheerleader of the brand and to encourage women to ‘Be The Extra in Ordinary.”

Which of these brand endorsements do you deem to be  Park Seo Joon’s most iconic?

All images: Courtesy Park Seo Joon (@bn_sj2013/Instagram)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many kids does Park Seo-Joon have?

Park Seo Joon does not have children yet.

2. Is Park Seo Joon in a relationship?

According to numerous reports, Park Seo Joon is rumoured to be dating singer and YouTuber xooos.

3. Is Park Seo Joon friends with Taehyung?

Park Seo Joon shares a close friendship with BTS’ Taehyung.

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