Yoon-Seo Finds Host of ‘Mafia’ Game

Episode 9 of the ongoing thriller Night Has Come aired on Monday, December 18, 2023, on U+ Mobile TV and Viki. Directed by Lim Dae-Woong, Lee Jae-In and Kim Woo-Seok star as Lee Yoon-Seo and Kim Joon-Hee in the Korean drama.

The events in the ninth episode turned out to be quite interesting after episode 8 ended with Da Beom, one of the remaining mafias in the game, planning to kill Gyeong-Joon. Episode 9 showcases Da Beom brutally stabbing Gyeong-Joon to death after consulting with So Mi, another mafia. The episode also displays Yoon-Seo finally finding out the host’s identity in the real-life “mafia” game.

Night Has Come episode 9: Yoon-Seo is able to find ‘Mafia’ game’s host

Night Has Come episode 9 opens with Gyeong-Joon lying on the floor with headphones on. Da Beom reveals to So Mi that Gyeong-Joon knows about his identity as a mafia, so he has to kill him. After that, he takes a knife and fatally stabs Gyeong-Joon to his gruesome death. The next morning, the remaining students find his dead body covered in blood. The game then announces that he was a civilian.

Meanwhile, Yoon-Seo is trying to find the lock to the key she found for her mission to find the host of the “mafia” game. Joon-Hee and Jeong Won also try to help her find the lock. However, when Yoon-Seo is alone, she ends up finding the lock and goes on to open it with the rusty key. After opening the lock, she finds a picture of a group of students similar to the one she found earlier. But this time, the faces of the students are not blurred. In a shocking revelation, she learns that the picture is of their class.

The game then announces to everyone that the host of the “mafia” game is Park Se-Eun. She is a girl who ended her own life earlier that year due to extreme bullying. Some students also believe that it was a murder. Night Has Come episode 9 also shows that the memory of this incident was removed from all the students’ minds. Only after the game reveals the host’s name do the students regain their memory of the incident.

Everyone finds out that So Mi is a mafia in episode 9

After finding out about the host of the game in the new Night Has Come episode, the students realize that those who bullied Park Se-Eun must be the mafias. On the other hand, Da Beom threatens So Mi when she talks to him about Park Se-Eun’s death. So Mi’s friend Na Hee also confronts her about Park Se-Eun’s demise. She tells her that they should come clean about their bullying to everyone and ask Park Se-Eun’s ghost for forgiveness. However, So Mi does not like the idea and orders Na Hee to keep her mouth shut.

When the time to vote for the next mafia arrives, So Mi tries to manipulate others to vote for Na Hee as the mafia. But at the end of episode 9 of Night Has Come, Na Hee gets furious at So Mi and ends up revealing that she is a police officer, showing everyone that So Mi is a mafia. The episode ends with the other students being shocked.

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