Park Seo Joon recalls funny story about being called father-in-law in new You Quiz on the Block preview

On December 7th, the entertainment program You Quiz on the Block by tvN released a teaser video showcasing actor Park Seo Joon as their upcoming guest. Park Seo Joon recalled funny stories about his original name in the new preview.

Park Seo Joon talks about being called father-in-law in You Quiz in the Block’s new preview

In the preview video, Park Seo Joon shares, “My real name is Park Young Gyu.” Yoo Jae Suk jokingly remarks, “It reminds me of actor Park Young Gyu.” In his remarks, Park Seo Joon added, “People used to call me ‘father-in-law’ when they saw me,” laughing. Actor Park Young Gyu became known for the line What’s wrong with you, father-in-law? in the sitcom Soonpoong Clinic in the past. Park Seo Joon reveals that he later sought a naming service to adopt the name Seo Joon.

Furthermore, Park Seo Joon discusses his Hollywood debut in The Marvels. Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho pose various questions, including inquiries about the atmosphere on the set of a Hollywood movie and whether he had to sign a nondisclosure agreement regarding the content. Aware that Bong Joon Ho was filming on the set next to The Marvels in Hollywood, Park Seo Joon reached out to the director. The actor discloses that they subsequently met, sparking curiosity among viewers.

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