Park Seo Joon: Park Seo Joon throws a surprise birthday celebration for BTS’ V ahead of his military enlistment

BTS‘ V is all set to begin his mandatory military enlistment in the coming days. Ahead of the same, he met up with his Wooga Squad bestie Park Seo Joon and Na Yeon Seok aka Na PD.
During a conversation, V reportedly mentioned how he will not get to celebrate his birthday with everyone on December 30, due to the military training. However, the singer was in for a surprise as Park Seo Joon and Na PD organized a surprise pre-birthday bash for V.From baking a cake to cooking up some delicious meals, Park Seo Joon sweat it out on the kitched for his bestie. And V seemed pleasantly surprised with the gesture.

보은의 신-태형이한테고마워서그래💜

Speaking about his military service, V had said in the video, “I’m actually excited. I was very excited since I was young. Another experience for me? I thought it would have a good effect on my growth. My dad even told me about the military story.”
RM and V are expected to begin their duty on December 11. Korean media reports stated that V will join a Special Duty Team, an anti-terrorism unit directly under the supervision of the Blue House. Reacting to the same, V had said recently, “There were articles coming out about the unit I will be enlisting. ARMYs were worried, but honestly, I just wanted to challenge myself by going there and because I have goals. So please do not worry too much. I am challenging myself, but I also know how to deflect when needed. I shall return healthy and not get hurt. I’m a little bit scared of rappels, but… just please trust me.”

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