A Complete Guide for Digital Marketing Agencies

A Complete Guide for Digital Marketing Agencies

White Label Pay-Per-Click (PPC) has emerged as a highly popular tool for digital marketing agencies to purchase, rebrand, and resell advertising services as their own. If you are involved in digital ad sales, you don’t have to invest anything in this type of marketing.

You must partner with a third-party PPC management provider to run a white-label PPC agency. This is to offer an additional service that they are not currently providing. This digital marketing technique is gaining popularity for several reasons.

We are providing below five such points for you to know:

  • Commercial establishments or companies can avail themselves of the opportunity to purchase, rebrand, and resell advertising services as their own.
  • Such companies or sales platforms don’t have to inject additional funds or make fresh investments to promote the advertisements.
  • Organically grow clientele base with the help of ad-related market promotion.
  • The owner of a brand of commodity or service can personalize the branding with the help of a white-label PPC management agency.
  • A digital marketing company can greatly assist a sales outfit if it is launching a new product or service.

In digital marketing parlance, “white label” means that the agency or firm providing services to the clients of the partner agency works anonymously, and the service provider’s identity is never revealed.

Benefits of Hiring a White-Label PPC Agency

You benefit in multiple ways by hiring a White Label PPC agency.

Here are a few reasons why you should opt for such an agency for your digital brand-building marketing:

Netting the Target Audience: PPC modules can directly hit the target customers. Since online sales are gaining momentum, you can further benefit by outsourcing your ad-management job to a white-label PPC agency. Such an agency can widen your market across different geographies.

Real-Time View Tracking: A customer, either existing or prospective, can view the ad on a mobile phone or laptop. Your white-label PPC agency and you can digitally monitor such views or hits in real time. This allows you to monitor the performance of your advertisements.

Prospective Sales Intelligence: A White Label PPC agency can give you certain very useful market intelligence points like:

  • Geographies or areas of robust clicks on advertisements. This can give you market intelligence to know which areas or geographies are interested in your products and services.
  • You can scale the trend of clicks on advertisements. If you have multiple products and services, you would know which services and products generate larger clicks than others. This data can help you formulate your product and service-based marketing strategies.

Click-trend-based SEOs: Another major benefit you can reap is outsourcing your advertisement monitoring job. Based on generated data, you can know which products and services are in demand. You can modulate your SEO operation accordingly.

Create a Marketing Database: When your advertisement is clicked, you know the mobile number of the person who viewed your promotional matter. Such a database can be invaluable for your company to launch email marketing based on the mobile number used to hit the advertisement.

Widening Market Space: The market space for most commodities, manufactured goods, and services is shrinking worldwide. To survive this cut-throat competition, you must widen your sales area. For this, you need to lay stress on branding. A White Label PPC agency can greatly help branding your products and services.

Database-Integrated Marketing Plan: A white-label PPC agency can generate substantial data on ad clicks. Such clicks of a given period can help you know the market response to your products and services. You should use this market insight to formulate your sales plans. You can analyze the data to create individual service or product-based sales plans.

Points to Ponder While Selecting Your White Label PPC Agency

There are several White Label PPC agencies. Some are very good, some are good, and others are not. Here, your individual decision matters a lot. But the problem is how to zero in on an agency.

To answer this question, you must follow the five guidelines explained below to select the correct agency:

Study Agency Profile: You must check the years of engagement in PPC management and the successful campaigns done by it. This can let you know the agency’s expertise in handling PPC matters.

Fee or Charge: In your interest, you should invite quotations from several PPC service providers. This can help you to know the average range of pricing. You can go for the lowest quotation to save money.

Clientele List: This is very important. If you find a white-label PPC agency that has handled a long list of clients over the years, you know the agency must be reliable; otherwise, so many clients would not have given jobs to it.

Timely Click Data-Report Filing: Your agency must be in constant touch with you. It must give you feedback regularly. This is why you should make timely click data reporting a precondition for giving a job to it.

What Other Clients Speak About the Agency: This is very important. You must check what the existing or previous clientele have opined about the capabilities of the agency you are hiring. Client feedback can help you gauge the standard of the agency.


The white-label PPC is particularly helpful for companies engaged in B2B and B2C business areas. The pricing models of white-label PPC services are quite transparent. This helps the companies to save money. There are three main types of pricing models. They are: Fixed Fee, Percentage of ad spend (with the white label PPC service provider charging a particular or agreed amount of the ad spend that the client is investing), and commission-based payment under which a part of the ad spend earnings are shared or charged by the white label PPC company.


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