5 Park Seo-joon dramas to watch ahead of Gyeongseong Creature 

5 Park Seo-joon dramas to watch ahead of Gyeongseong Creature 

The latest Park Seo-joon drama that is creating a buzz online is Netflix’s Gyeongseong Creature. The 34-year-old South Korean actor started his career in the entertainment industry back in 2011. From playing supporting roles to lead roles, he has come a long way in terms of screen presence, acting skills and range.

Over the last few years, he has become recognized as a skilled actor who can play various roles with ease.


Gyeongseong Creature is set in 1945. The story focuses on two young leads who come across a deadly creature born of greed. Park Seo-joon plays Jang Tae-sang, who owns a pawn shop named Geumokdang.

From the looks of the high-octane trailer, it seems like the show will offer viewers an engaging plot with mysterious fantasy elements.

Viewers who enjoy gripping thrillers should keep an eye out for Gyeongseong Creature. Before the release of the upcoming Netflix show, fans who want to see the Seo-joon’s abilities in action should check out some of his older dramas.

She Was Pretty, Itaewon Class, and 3 other Park Seo-joon dramas that will leave viewers wanting more

1) A Witch’s Love (2014)


In this Park Seo-joon drama, the actor stars alongside Uhm Jung-hwa. This romantic comedy sees Uhm Jung-hwa in the role of an ambitious news reporter named Ban Ji-yeon. When she comes across Yoon Dong-ha (Park Seo-joon), a young errand boy, sparks fly between them.

It is interesting to see how the two leads, despite their age difference, find ways to connect. Viewers who favor shows with endearing characters and sizzling chemistry between the leads shouldn’t miss out on this Park Seo-joon drama.

2) She Was Pretty (2015)


This Park Seo-joon drama was a big hit in South Korea. It stars Hwang Jung-eum, Go Joon-hee, and Choi Si-won, in addition to Park Seo-joon.

The plot focuses on two old acquaintances, Sung-Joon (Park Seo-joon) and Hye-Jin (Hwang Jung-eum). While Sung-Joon’s life has taken him places, Hye-Jin had to suffer multiple hardships that affected her appearance and self-worth. She asks a friend to pretend to be her and meet Sung-Joon, which leads to plenty of confusion and complications.

The narrative of this Park Seo-joon drama explores important topics such as inner beauty and self-esteem. It reminds viewers that real beauty is connected to one’s personality and character instead of outer appearances. It is heartening to see how Hye-Jin’s character grows over the episodes and recognizes her true potential.

3) Fight For My Way (2017)


Viewers looking for fun feel-good shows don’t have to look further than this Park Seo-joon drama. The story focuses on four childhood friends. They are invested in chasing their dreams, but life keeps throwing challenges their way. Romance, friendship, and passion, all find a place in this well-written narrative.

It is always easy to be drawn to realistic plots and this Park Seo-joon drama hits the nail on the head. The way the four characters navigate adulthood and the many challenges that come with it, is very relatable.

4) What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018)


Romance fans will particularly enjoy this swoon-worthy Park Seo-joon drama. The actor plays a narcissistic boss, Lee Young-joon, who acts like the world revolves around him. However, his humble secretary, played by Park Min-young has had enough of his antics and decides to quit. When she gives him her notice, Lee Young-joon has a change of heart and realizes the big part she plays in his life.

The chemistry between the two characters, with polar opposite personalities, is a joy to watch. Not only that, there is also an underlying mystery that ties them both and adds to the narrative. Park Seo-joon’s character development from annoying to likeable is also done very well.

5) Itaewon Class (2020)


An adaptation of a webtoon, this Park Seo-joon drama also stars Kim Da-mi, Yoo Jae-myung, and Kwon Nara.

In the story, Seo-joon plays Park Sae-ro-yi, an ex-con who seeks revenge against the CEO of Jangga Group. He wants to build a chain of bar-restaurants but he doesn’t have the right tact to make it successful. He then teams up with skilled people who can turn his plans into reality.

Great storytelling and complex characters are the highlights of this Park Seo-joon drama. The writers have also put a lot of effort into character development, which adds to the plot and the overall viewing experience.

Fans of the actor should check out these well-made Park Seo-joon dramas that showcase the actor’s ability to capture the viewer’s attention and leave a memorable impression.

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