15 best affordable SEO services for small businesses

15 best affordable SEO services for small businesses

Are you seeking affordable SEO services that deliver results, not excuses? If that’s why you’re here, you have made a wise decision. 

Affordable SEO agencies offer quality services without emptying clients’ pockets. These agencies can equally ask businesses to pay a fortune for their SEO services. But they have a conscience and aren’t greedy. 

Search engine optimization shouldn’t be a one-off. Like your car that requires petrol to keep moving, your SEO campaign requires constant effort to improve your website visibility, ranking and traffic.  

In this post, we’ll discuss the most affordable SEO companies that can help you achieve your online marketing goals without emptying your wallet, how to identify the best SEO service for small businesses and more. Keep reading!  

What Are Affordable SEO Services? 

Affordable SEO services are search engine optimization services considered small-business friendly. SEO Agencies offering affordable services can help increase your business’s online visibility, organic traffic, ranking, and even sales without emptying your marketing budget. 

The word “affordable” doesn’t mean you’ll get low-quality or poor-quality SEO services from these agencies. The term “affordable search engine optimization services” means the services you’ll get are value for your money. 

SEO agencies that charge premium fees for their services don’t offer results different from what these affordable SEO agencies provide. Many of these big-name or popular SEO agencies charge premium fees because of their popularity.   

Small businesses should seek affordable search engine optimization services that deliver results. In other words, find low-cost SEO agencies that won’t drain your marketing budget but deliver targeted results on a low budget. Note that SEO is a continuous process. Once you stop making any effort, your competitors might outrank you. 

To ensure this doesn’t happen, find professional SEO services that are affordable and trustworthy. With this, you won’t eat deep into your profit and even achieve your online marketing goals. Isn’t that what you want?

Every business owner wants to generate more profit, and a great way to achieve this is by cutting down your expenses. 

So, if an agency’s SEO service is $1000 per month, and another is $2000 per month, but both can deliver similar results, wouldn’t you settle for a $1000 per month SEO agency? By the way, you’ll save $1000 monthly and get the desired results. 

If the SEO project eventually runs for 12 months, you would have saved $12000 (since you’re paying $1000 per month) and still hit your goals.  

Why Do Affordable SEO Services Matter for Small/Startup Business?

With affordable search engine optimization services, you can;

  • Save over 50% of your online marketing spending.
  • Get access to a dedicated team capable of following SEO best practices. 

Again, affordable SEO doesn’t imply subpar service. It is a search engine optimization service tailored to your business needs and budget. 

In addition, SEO agencies offering affordable SEO for small businesses decided to be lenient with their pricing. These agencies can equally choose to request premium fees for their services. 

So, you’re getting a low rate for quality optimization services. You’re also getting SEO services from top-rated agencies. That is what affordable SEO services for small business means. 

A Handy Tip: Don’t confuse affordable for cheap SEO services. There is a massive difference between both terms. 

When you sign up for agencies offering cheap search engine optimization services, the pricing may appear reasonable. Unfortunately, when you ask for results, you won’t get reasonable excuses from these SEO agencies. 

Don’t fall for cheap SEO agencies. Your goals and ambitions are way too superior to hand over your marketing campaign to agencies that give excuses and not results. 

15 Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses And Startups

These are the SEO agencies offering affordable services. They are agencies to consider if you have a business and wish to get your SEO right. 

1: Bitchip Digital – Best Affordable SEO Agency

Credit: PR

Leading the pack, BitSoft Digital stands tall as a shining light in the SEO world. With decades of experience, this SEO agency sets the bar. 

Delivering tailor-made strategies, BitChip Digital isn’t about cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, they provide a highly meticulous and custom approach, making them the go-to SEO agency for small and startup businesses.

This SEO agency’s unmatched client focus is one of the things that set them apart. Their commitment to clients’ success is second to none. It makes every SEO campaign they handle a collaborative triumph. 

BitChip Digital’s SEO services go way beyond keyword optimization. They are adept in link building, content marketing, and web development, offering clients a full suite to skyrocket their search rankings.

Earning trust in this digital era is a huge task, but with a healthy portfolio of satisfied clients, BitChip Digital has shown they can be trusted. They not only possess the skills but integrity and dedication businesses demand. 

They offer affordable SEO services for startups and small businesses and are a reliable SEO partner. They have shown their preparedness to go the extra mile to get results.  


In today’s online marketing industry, where almost every SEO company seeks a big paycheck, finding a reliable, client-focused, affordable SEO agency can be challenging. BitChip Digital not only offers affordable SEO services. Their willingness to go the extra mile to get results and the quality of SEO services they deliver sets them apart. 

With BitChip Digital, clients pay around $500-$800 monthly and get similar results as companies that charge thousands monthly.  

2: Go Savvy SEO – A Wise Choice

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For startups and small businesses seeking a reliable SEO partner, GoSavvySEO is a top choice. With over a decade of experience, they’re not playing around but boast a solid game plan for your online success. 

They start by getting to know your business as if it was theirs. After understanding your business and specific goals, they’ll draft custom SEO strategies to address your needs. This means you won’t be splashing the cash on services you don’t need. In addition, your online marketing targets will likely be met. 

GoSavvySEO offers a wide range of services, from keyword research, SEO audit, and local SEO to technical fixes, ensuring all your SEO needs are met. Thus, you don’t have to approach multiple SEO agencies to fix your website optimization needs. GoSavvySEO is the one-stop shop for all your search engine optimization needs. 

Affordable pricing? Check. The price and quality of service make GoSavvySEO one of the best affordable SEO service providers. 

They understand that small and startup businesses operate on tighter budgets and require massive SEO help. And they are willing to partner with small and startup companies to ensure they succeed online. 

In addition, they offer transparent pricing, ensuring no hidden charges when the bill comes out. They are transparent, reliable, dedicated and hungry for more success. 

So, if you own a start-up or small business and want to boost your digital footprint without emptying your pocket, GoSavvySEO is a wise choice. 

Note: GoSavvySEO’s monthly pricing starts from $450, making them a great choice for small businesses.  

3: Higher Visibility:

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Higher Visibility is a popular SEO agency and has been around for a while. So, they are not newbies. They offer a wide range of SEO services and specialize in industries such as franchise brands, E-commerce, lawyers, automotive companies, financial services, and home builders. 

In addition to search engine optimization and website design, Higher Visibility renders Google Ads, Face Ads management and other services. They have an experienced team, making them a decent digital marketing agency. 

Unfortunately, Higher Visibility isn’t small business friendly. They are best suited to established companies with a substantial marketing budget. 

The pricing per month for SEO services starts from $4000. And you can expect to splash far more than this as the project progresses. 

4: Ignite Visibility:

Credit: PR

Occupying the third spot is Ignite Visibility, an SEO agency that has made a name for itself. Thanks to massive investments from their partners, Ignite Visibility has established a solid online presence. 

One of the things you’ll love about Ignite Visibility is the range of services they offer. These range from SEO, conversion rate optimization, web development, and franchise marketing to pay-per-click management. The list goes on and on. 

They even offer public relations and Amazon marketing services, something most SEO agencies don’t. So, they’re a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. 

Ignite Visibility’s website also looks professional, attractive and straightforward to navigate. Unfortunately, their pricing per month doesn’t make them a wise choice for most small and startup businesses. 

This SEO agency focuses on medium and large-scale businesses with huge budgets, though they may work for small companies willing to empty their pockets. Most clients pay $6000 to $60,000 monthly for full SEO services.

Ignite Visibility boasts a skilled team that understands what it would take to improve a website’s search rankings. Unfortunately, they’re not startup or small-business-friendly. 

So, if you’re a small business owner looking for significant results without a big budget, Ignite Visibility might not be for you. In addition, Ignite offers a wide range of SEO services, more than most SEO agencies. Unfortunately, many clients have complained that they are often too busy. 

Note: As a small or startup business, you need a dedicated and affordable SEO agency ready to go the extra mile to get results without emptying your wallet. 

Ignite Visibility’s monthly starting package is $2000. However, some clients pay as much as $6000 to $60,000.  

5: Straight North:

Moving up the SEO ladder is Straight North, one of the popular SEO agencies for middle-marketing firms. They’re not newbies; they have been in the game long enough to know what works and what doesn’t.

What sets Straight North apart? They can tailor their SEO services to meet your business needs. But you must be ready to splash the cash, as they’re mainly focused on medium and large-scale businesses with substantial marketing budgets.

Unfortunately, you cannot find details about Straight North’s monthly pricing on their website unless you request a quote. We did and discovered that their monthly pricing for SEO services starts from $2000. 

There is also a possibility of hiding costs or surprises when the bills come, given that they offer a full suite of SEO services and aren’t transparent with the actual cost of their services. They also provide services like paid advertisements that may warrant clients to pay extra fees. 

Given their monthly pricing, there are better choices than straight North for small businesses. Clients have to pay a premium to enjoy their full SEO services. 

6: WebFX

WebFX is another top-rated SEO agency that has helped many online businesses. They have been helping businesses for quite a long time and have made a name for themselves in the industry.  

One thing that clients love about WebFX is that they offer a wide range of SEO services. These range from SEO and lead generation, UX and interactive, to revenue marketing and CRO. They offer far more services than any digital marketing agency on this list. 

So, WebFX is the jack-of-all-trade, but they have a solid portfolio to show their trustworthiness. They boast an experienced team that knows how to get results if they eventually decide to focus on your project. 

Unfortunately, the long list of services WbFX offers means their teams are occupied most of the time. Thus, they may delay your project or not accord it the attention it needs. 

Popular SEO agencies like WebFX know they are in demand. Thus, they charge a premium for their services; meaning small businesses and startups may have to empty their pockets to hire them. 

WebFX’s monthly price starts at $3000. So, if you can afford it and don’t mind emptying your pocket, you can try them. 

7: Digital Authority Partners: 

Digital Authority Partners is a data-driven digital marketing agency with years of experience. They have been around for quite a long time and built a reputation online. 

Thus, they know what works and what doesn’t. In addition, they offer a wide range of SEO services and customize their services to meet clients’ needs. 

The first step Digital Authority Partners takes is to understand their client’s businesses and marketing goals. They treat your business like theirs and treat clients as partners, too. 

After getting a grip on your business and marketing needs, they’ll draft a custom and data-driven SEO plan tailored to your goals. Customizing marketing plans helps ensure clients’ marketing needs are met, and they won’t have to pay for services they don’t need. 

Digital Marketing Partners focus on industries like SaaS, legal, manufacturing, health, government, fintech, finance, professional services, education and ecommerce. Their services include SEO, PPC management, digital marketing, digital strategy, fractional CMO, and analytics. 

They have an impressive portfolio but aren’t a full-service SEO agency. Thus, clients may find themselves outsourcing some online marketing projects elsewhere. 

Furthermore, Digital Marketing Partners’ pricing is $4000 per month. And this is just the average price. You may have to spend more if you need them to conduct in-depth marketing analysis for your business.  

8: SmartSites:

SmartSites calls itself an “award-winning” SEO agency and delivers a range of must-have digital marketing services for businesses. They offer web design, PPC, SEO, email and social media marketing. 

Two brothers with a strong passion for everything digital founded this agency. They have been around for years and have some experience under their belts. 

SmartSites promises to increase clients’ total site traffic by 532% and have an experienced team capable of delivering impressive results. However, they claim they aim to drive performance for small and Fortune 500 companies, but their monthly pricing shows otherwise. 

There is no doubt that SmartSites is a top SEO company. Unfortunately, they are not an affordable SEO agency for small and startup businesses. 

Expect to pay a monthly fee of $2000 for their organic SEO service. However, they offer a wide range of SEO services, making them a one-stop shop for all your SEO needs. You won’t have to outsource any aspect of your online marketing projects while working with SmartSites. 

9: TheHoth 

TheHoth comes with some impressive portfolios. They boast decades of SEO experience and thousands of reviews. However, we can verify that they have been around for quite a long time and have become a famous SEO brand.

They also claimed to have served over 200,000 businesses, but we could not verify this. We appreciate their website’s quality, as it looks professional and simple to navigate.

TheHoth offers a range of SEO services that businesses need to scale online. These include SEO, link building, content creation and local SEO. Their link-building services include link insertion, outreach and press releases. They also do citation building, reputation management and citation cleanup. 

Like most SEO agencies, one thing that makes TheHoth unique is how they discharge their SEO services. First, they’ll assign a dedicated manager to you and then create an SEO program executed on a month-by-month basis. 

With the experience and team, TheHoth seems like the real deal. However, their starting price of $2000 per month might put most startups and small businesses off. Imagine spending a minimum of $2000 per month on an SEO campaign. For a year, this equates to $24,000.

Mind you, $2000 is just the starting price. It could be way higher than this. In addition, most services they render may have a higher price point. 

10: Search Engine Projects: 

Search Engine Projects is one of the fastest-growing SEO companies. They have a dedicated team of SEO professionals and offer a wide range of services. 

They are a one-stop shop for all your SEO needs and even provide web development services. Others include video endorsement, web analytics, pay-per-click, and social media marketing services. So they can meet your varied SEO needs. 

They also have an impressive portfolio and have completed several high-profile SEO projects. Anyway, their pricing per month is on the high side. Expect to pay over $2000 monthly for SEO and more for website development. 

The monthly prices may increase based on the project demand, so they may not be the best option for startups and small businesses on a tight budget.

Besides the high price, Search Engine Project is a decent SEO agency. They have picked up several awards over the years and completed several projects. In addition, they have an impressive portfolio that should make clients feel safe when dealing with them.  

11: Power Digital Marketing:

Power Digital Marketing seeks to empower growth-oriented businesses to succeed online. But are they a wise choice for startups and small businesses? Let’s say they are for small companies willing to break the bank. 

Every startup or small business requires SEO services to create brand awareness boost ranking, traffic, lead generation and sales. However, small businesses don’t have to spend way above their marketing budget or empty their wallets to get the best SEO services. 

What is Power Digital Marketing’s pricing per month for SEO? They were smart enough not to reveal their price online. Clients have to establish contact with them to get a quote. We did and discovered they request over $2000 per month for SEO. Other services could cost more.  

The $2000 per month was just the average price. Clients can expect to pay much more depending on the demands of their projects. But then, beside the high price point, Power Digital Marketing offers a long list of services businesses would need to succeed online. 

In addition to SEO (search engine optimization), they offer affiliate marketing, email marketing, organic social media, paid social, content marketing, website development, public relations, brand partnership and more.   

12: Flying V Group:

The Flying V Group offers various digital marketing services, including blog writing. They also provide video marketing, graphic design, pay-per-click, and social media marketing. However, SEO is their area of specialization. 

The Flying V Group has been around for a while, so they are not newbies. They also have an experienced SEO team, but we can’t say the same for the other digital marketing services they render. 

The Flying V Group focuses on specific industries. These include accounting, finance, environmental and energy, healthcare, legal practitioners, real estate and insurance. So, if you’re in education, manufacturing, and other industries, the Flying V Group might not be for you. 

Furthermore, their SEO services’ monthly pricing isn’t transparent. They didn’t specifically list the price on their website. Clients have to contact them directly to get a quote. 

Not listing the SEO price per month on the website made us uncomfortable. A transparent SEO agency shouldn’t be doing such. 

When you contact them directly, you’ll discover their SEO services cost over $2000 monthly. Note that this is just the minimum price. Clients can expect to pay more than $2000 for SEO services per month. 

13: Titan Growth

Titan Growth is one of the fastest-growing SEO agencies and is gaining popularity online. They have also been around for quite a while. 

In addition to search engine optimization, Titan Growth provides services like paid media management, social media management, link acquisition, Amazon marketing, content marketing, video production and web design. 

This agency’s primary focus appears to be SEO and content marketing. There is a chance they might be outsourcing some of their other services. A visit to their portfolio section shows they have handled several SEO projects impressively, but there wasn’t much about some of the other services they render. 

Like most SEO agencies, Titan Growth’s first step is understanding their clients’ businesses. This helps them to meet targeted goals. They make clients’ businesses their own and have an experienced team. 

Titan Growth’s SEO monthly pricing starts from $2000, though you can expect to shell out far more than this as the project’s demand increases. Pricing per month also varies from one service to another. 

Titan Growth offers a full suite of digital marketing services. Thus, you won’t be hiring a third party.

14: Online Optimism: 

The name “Online Optimism” puts this digital marketing company in a positive light. It’s a befitting name for a digital marketing company armed and ready to take on the most demanding digital marketing projects. 

Unfortunately, having an impressive business name isn’t enough. The ability to deliver results, not excuses, is most important. 

Online Optimism has been around for quite an extended period. Thus, it’s easier to assume Online Optimism has the experience and knowledge to deliver quality SEO services. Their portfolio shows they can impress in the area of search engine optimization. 

In addition to branding and website design, Online Optimism provides SEO, digital ads, social media management, and content marketing services. 

Pricing per month for SEO is $2000, though you should expect to shell out far more as the project demand grows. Pricing per month or project may also vary from one service to another. 

15: Siegemedia

Siegemedia is another digital marketing agency that caught our attention. They offer a wide range of SEO offers but focus only on a handful of industries. These include SaaS, E-commerce and fintech. 

Businesses in the listed industries will benefit from the wealth of experience Siegemedia has. They have been around for quite a while and should understand how to get results regarding SEO. 

In addition to content strategy, SEO consulting and digital PR, Siegemedia offers content marketing, link building and design services. And these are services businesses need to create a solid digital footprint.

Unfortunately, the monthly pricing could be a turn-off for several startups and small businesses. Clients have to pay over $3000 per month for SEO services.

By the way, this is the average price. The price per month varies based on the service and project demand. So, businesses can expect to shell out thousands of dollars when dealing with Siegemedia.  

How To Choose Best Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses 

It is essential to make the right choice when choosing an SEO agency to handle your SEO projects. Making a wrong choice could lead to financial losses and afford your competitors time to establish their brands online. 

There are several factors to consider when looking for affordable SEO agencies for your small or startup business. One of them is the experience the agency has working with small businesses. 

Does the agency understand the unique challenges and opportunities of handling SEO projects for small businesses? With this, you can gauge if the SEO agency has the expertise to help your small business succeed online.

Another thing you need to consider is the type of SEO services the company renders. Do they offer a comprehensive list of SEO services? 

In a nutshell, hire an SEO agency that offers a wide range of SEO services. These include on-page and off-page SEO, link building and local SEO. A company offering comprehensive SEO services can help optimize your website for all the significant search engines, such as Google, Bing, and even Yahoo. 

Furthermore, consider an SEO company with clear communication and transparent pricing. This way, you can see how much you’ll invest into the project and the expected result. 

Hire a company that offers guarantees or protection for your investment to have peace of mind. You need an affordable SEO company that gives results and not excuses. 

A Handy Tip: Stay far away from SEO agencies that promise quick results. SEO isn’t a one-off but a long-term project. Sometimes, it can take 6-9 months to get results. In most cases, the results may come sooner. 

Furthermore, avoid unethical SEO practices or “blackhat” SEO agencies. Search engines frown at such practices and could penalize your website. 

This is why you must conduct interviews before hiring any SEO agency. Ask questions about their SEO strategies and how they intend to help you succeed online.

An SEO company that knows what they’re doing will answer these questions without mincing words. They’ll give you a clear picture of their SEO strategies and how they intend to execute their plans.

Avoid SEO companies that guarantee a #1 ranking. Various factors influence ranking, and no one has a special relationship with Google or has the power to influence search ranking. 

Are SEO Services For Small Business Worth It?

SEO is essential for businesses serious about succeeding online. With SEO, you can increase the number of people who visit your website, leading to more sales. 

A strong online presence is essential to create brand awareness and trust, including getting your product or services in front of your target audience. This is something SEO can offer your business. 

Furthermore, SEO boasts a higher ROI than other search engine optimization strategies like Google Ads. Paid search stops when money in your Google ads account finishes, but you can benefit from SEO even when the project ends. 

SEO increases your online visibility and authority in your niche. With local SEO, your business will appear in local searches for targeted keywords, increasing online and foot traffic to your business. 


So, these are the 15 affordable SEO services for small businesses, starting from the most affordable ones. They are agencies with experienced SEO professionals that can help you succeed online.

Note that these affordable SEO agencies can equally charge higher for their SEO services, given their quality. But then, most of them aren’t greedy. 

Some of these SEO companies understand that small businesses and startups work on tight budgets. They also understand that small and startup businesses need massive assistance with SEO to succeed online. 

So, the fact that you’re being offered affordable SEO services doesn’t mean you’re getting cheap or subpar services. Instead, you’re benefitting from the generosity of top-notch SEO agencies committed to helping small businesses grow without emptying their pockets. 

This article was written in cooperation with BitChip Digital


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