How Verint Migrated Websites Without Losing SEO Momentum

How Verint Migrated Websites Without Losing SEO Momentum

Verint and NP digital won the B2B category at The Drum Awards for Search. Here’s the award-winning case study.

Verint helps the world’s most iconic brands build enduring customer relationships by connecting work, data, and experiences across the enterprise. With this approach, brands can navigate and thrive as they adapt to the future of work, eliminate the inefficiencies created by organizational and data silos, and consistently deliver differentiated experiences at scale across every interaction.

Challenges / Goals / Objectives: Verint had a major site migration, a blog subdomain migration, and several acquired business unit migrations to perform. We needed to ensure the migrations went smoothly, and we were also tasked with improving the site experience and increasing the amount of organic search traffic. Verint was looking to increase non-branded traffic in a very competitive space and seeking ways to expand their content into new topic areas where their competitors were winning. Many of the brand names for their solutions are not what users are searching for, so they were looking for research and guidance.

Strategy / Solution: NP Digital closely partnered with the Verint product and marketing teams to develop a holistic SEO strategy as a part of their website migration. Our efforts encompassed in-depth research, targeted content development, the implementation of technical SEO best practices, and Digital PR. While the website was in the staging environment, we identified, prioritized, and implemented technical fixes to help Core Web Vitals and other site performance issues. During the technical optimization process, we identified and fixed several unnecessary redirects and duplicate content issues. We identified and implemented language and website localization best practices; this would ensure the right pages with the right content were showing up in the right markets.

We implemented our 6Rs Audit recommendations to better optimize any existing content. This audit told us what content should be “reformatted,” “repurposed,” “refreshed,” “retired,” “redirected,” or what content should just “remain” as is in order to meet user intent for different search queries. URL redirect mapping exercises ensured that all pages would be going to the right place and a robust internal linking strategy would help increase crawl activity, indexation, semantic relevancy, and page authority.

Post-migration, we monitored rankings, traffic, and 404 page-not-found activity. We later developed new content ideation clusters supporting critical key themes and audiences that were identified as part of the research process. We leveraged relationships with publishers and influencers, placing content on relevant/high-value websites to build domain authority. We continued to focus on non-brand by optimizing existing pages and creating new content to capture existing search demand.

Results: If executed properly platform and website migrations can have a huge impact on traffic, the user-experience, leads, and the bottom line. Within only 30 days of launch, virtually all Verint’s migration KPIs increased. As of Q1 2023, Verint had over 42,000 keywords ranking on Google, up more than 50% since engagement kickoff.

+210% increase in non-branded organic search clicks year-over-year, 30 days post-migration.

+32% increase in total clicks coming from organic search year-over-year, 30 days post-migration.

+33% increase In the total number of keywords ranked in positions 1-10 year-over-year.

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