Dechra launches Cushing’s campaign – VetSurgeon News –

Dechra launches Cushing’s campaign – VetSurgeon News –

Dechra (the maker of Vetoryl) has launched ‘Prime Suspects’, a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of Cushing’s syndrome amongst dog owners and drive them to vet practices for diagnosis and treatment.

The company points to a survey of 1000 dog owners it conducted in July which found that 77% would put many of the top ten signs of Cushing’s down to ‘old age’.

According to research carried out by CM research in July 2018, for every 100 cases of Cushing’s syndrome treated, a further 57 are suspected but not diagnosed.

The ‘Prime Suspects’ campaign will encourage dog owners to become a ‘Cushing’s Detective’ and look out for signs in their dogs.

To help, the company has developed a series of characters to illustrate the signs of Cushings: Panting Patsy, Leaky Larry, Lazy Lynn, Greedy Gus and Little Patch.

A nationwide pet-focused multimedia campaign will support the ‘Prime Suspects’ initiative and will include TV and print advertising, online banners, pay per click advertising and social media to engage owners and encourage them to seek advice from their vet if they suspect Cushing’s in their dog.

Dechra has also launched Cushing’s Connect, a digital platform single resource hub to help vets keep up to date with current best practice in managing Cushing’s. 

The hub has information and tools to enhance diagnostic protocols, advice and literature covering pathophysiology, diagnosis and ongoing case management including treatment protocols and monitoring schedules, and interactive guides and videos by top veterinary specialists.  

There’s also a client communication toolkit with owner-focused resources to encourage dog owners to spot the signs and seek help from their vet.

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