Lee Seo Jin decides which cast members he would like to have along on ‘Three Meals a Day’ in the United States

Lee Seo Jin decides which cast members he would like to have along on ‘Three Meals a Day’ in the United States

On this week’s installment of Na Young Suk PD’s ongoing YouTube content ‘Lee Seo Jin’s New York New York 2‘, actor Lee Seo Jin, Na PD, and the filming crew drove to Long Island to visit the beaches of Montauk.

During the drive, the crew stopped for lunch at a casual American restaurant, where the topic of a potential season of ‘Three Meals a Day‘ in the United States came up. 

Scriptwriter Lee Woo Jung mentioned to Lee Seo Jin, “One of our goals is to film ‘Three Meals a Day’ in the United States with you.” Hearing this, Lee Seo Jin commented with laughter, “Why does it have to be me? Don’t you have anyone else you can work with?”

The scriptwriter jokingly replied, “It’s because you are our guinea pig.” 

Na Young Suk PD began imagining the project out loud, stating, “It should start out on a small farm. He’ll plant some crops and tend to them for a couple of seasons, and then eventually, we’ll have him open a small restaurant serving organic, home-grown food.” Playing along, Lee Seo Jin added on, “Well, I guess I’ll have to prepare a big buckle belt, a pair of Levi’s, a plaid shirt, and cowboy boots.” 

Lee Woo Jung then asked, “If we do this, who would you have come with you? Someone who’s good with farming, someone who’s good with driving, or someone who’s good at English?”

Lee Seo Jin answered slyly, “Well, first, I have to bring [Jung] Yoo Mi along.” When asked about ‘Jinny’s Kitchen‘ workers Choi Woo Sik and Park Seo Joon, Lee Seo Jin made a face and muttered, “It’s a little different with ‘Three Meals a Day’.” 

Lee Seo Jin was adamantly against bringing along one of his former ‘Three Meals a Day’ cast members, Kim Kwang Kyu, commenting, “Kwang Kyu hyung will be useless. He speaks zero English.” Another PD then suggested,Taecyeon was a very diligent worker as well.” Lee Seo Jin reacted to this by saying, “Taecyeon would be useful to have. He speaks English too.” 

You can watch the latest episode of ‘Lee Seo Jin’s New York New York 2’, below. 

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