Best Platforms For Max Profits!

Best Platforms For Max Profits!

Now more than ever people are finding unique and innovative ways to make money online. From taking product surveys to offering chat services and yes, selling feet pics, earning a steady income from the comfort of home has never been easier. 

Whether you’ve heard of selling feet pics, know someone who’s succeeded in this unconventional business, or are simply curious to learn more about how it works, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you’ll find all the information you need to know about how and where to sell feet pics. 

And the best part is, you don’t need any experience to create a healthy online following and generate steady income from your gorgeous and attractive foot content. So slip off your socks, grab your smartphone camera, and let’s explore the rewarding world of selling feet pics.

Why Do People Buy and Sell Feet Pics?

The more you know about the business you’re entering, the better. Understanding what makes your target audience tick is an important first step in succeeding in this unconventional market. So, why do people buy feet pics, anyway?

There’s no one answer to this question but there are plenty of interesting concepts to explore. For starters, some people buy feet pics because they love the way they look, feel, and smell. Foot lovers and enthusiasts from around the world buy foot pics to indulge in a specific fantasy or as a form of self-pleasure and stimulation. Artists and creative minds also use foot pics for inspiration, motivation, or as a muse for their work. 

But not all foot pic buyers are purchasing content for personal reasons. There are plenty of professional outlets that utilize foot pics, also. These include stock photo websites, marketing agencies, and product development companies that need foot pics for their ad campaigns, websites, and brochures.

With such a diverse customer base, there’s endless potential for foot content creators to explore their talents, skills, and earning potential on various websites and platforms.

Now that we’ve covered why people buy feet pics, let’s discuss some of the benefits of selling them. Aside from the most obvious reason – making money – plenty of foot content creators produce and sell foot pics and videos as an art form. Similar to foot enthusiasts who want to buy, view, and download feet pics, other foot lovers find pleasure in producing the work, instead. There’s something gratifying about creating gorgeous foot pics that your most loyal fans fawn over. 

Creating high-quality foot content is also a form of self-expression. Some content creators have specific attributes and features of their feet that they love showing off. For example, long slender toes, high arches, or ornate and delicate tattoos. Highlighting these beautiful features for all the world to see can be a great way to boost your confidence and harness your inner beauty. Other foot content creators love modeling shoes, jewelry, tattoos, and other types of footwear and accessories. Creating this type of content is a great way to show product development companies that you’re a talented foot model with plenty of potential. 

All of these benefits of selling feet pics are combined with the obvious perk of making money from home. And while most foot pic sellers use this as a side hustle, it’s still a viable way to bring in some extra income all while meeting new people, exploring your creative side, and discovering a newfound sense of confidence. 

How to Sell Feet Pics

While there’s no secret formula for how to sell feet pics, there are plenty of successful sellers and models sharing their experiences, advice, and insight on how it’s done. By looking over these tips and tricks on how to sell feet pics, you can find what works best for you, discard what doesn’t work, and create your own unique approach. 

Decide What Type of Foot Content You Want to Sell

The foot pic industry is a vast array of content ranging from traditional and artistic to more taboo, edgy, and explicit. Before you start creating foot content to sell, it’s important to figure out what kind of content best fits your personality and skill level. 

Many foot enthusiasts have no problem creating beautiful and sexy foot content in a variety of niches from foot worship and bondage to dirty feet and even humiliating foot pics. You can mix it up, post content in several different categories, and even accept custom orders. Websites like have dozens of categories and niches to choose from so if you’re unsure of where to start, browse some popular foot pic platforms for creative inspiration.

You can also stick with more traditional and “vanilla” content geared more toward stock photo websites and ad campaigns. These include barefoot pics, pics with outdoor settings like the beach or a garden, and pics showcasing different types of footwear. Once you master one or two categories, you can start broadening your horizons and expanding your inventory. 

Use a Fake Name or Remain Anonymous

Once you decide what type of foot content to sell, it’s time to decide who you want to sell it as – yourself or someone else. And by someone else, it means anonymously or using an alias or other fake name. 

One major benefit of selling feet pics is that you can easily conceal your identity. Most (if not all) of your content is focused on your feet and the lower portion of your body. Aside from any unique or identifiable features like birthmarks, scars, or tattoos, most people can’t tell the difference between your feet and someone else’s. 

If you choose to sell anonymously, create a one-of-a-kind, intriguing alias or username that piques people’s interest, embodies your fun and playful personality, and conceals your true identity. Pay close attention to the backdrop and setting of your photos to avoid including any clues or telltale details about who you truly are.

Selling feet pics anonymously is also a fun way to create an alter ego or persona that lets you step outside your comfort zone under the guise of being someone else. For example, you may be a hard-working mom with a desk job but as a foot pic creator, you’re a dark and mysterious dominatrix or young and playful college student. As important as honesty and transparency are when conducting business online, there’s some freedom and flexibility when it comes to selling feet pics. So, don’t be afraid to get creative, broaden your horizons, and take on the personality and persona of someone else. 

If you choose to sell as yourself, be prepared for potential backlash, judgment, and questions from those closest to you. Not everyone understands the foot pic business and may react negatively to your new money-making venture. Remember, it’s your life and your body, and you can choose to make money any way you see fit (within the confines of the law, of course). So, feel free to use your real name and be your bold beautiful self when selling and promoting your feet pics online. 

Practice Taking Quality Feet Pics

You don’t need to be a photographer to take and sell quality feet pics online. You should, however, practice your craft. Snapping a few rushed photos on your smartphone and posting them online for sale simply won’t cut it. Even if you sell a few pics this way, your success will be short-lived. 

Instead, take the time to capture several dozen foot pics at once. Schedule photo shoots that involve proper lighting, different props and accessories, and clean, attractive backgrounds. Manipulate your feet in different poses and positions. See which angles show off your best features and your best work. If you’re struggling to get quality photos consistently, consider eliciting the help of a friend or colleague or investing in a tripod and wireless remote. These basic items are fairly inexpensive and could make all the difference when creating high-quality foot content that sells. 

Invest in the Right Equipment and Accessories

Speaking of supplies for your foot pic photo shoots, you may want to invest in some basic equipment that adds variety and a level of professionalism to your work. A tripod and wireless remote allow for hands-free foot pics. Now, you can capture more angles, vantage points, poses, and positions without fumbling to balance your smartphone or camera. 

If the room where you’re shooting your foot pics has poor lighting, consider opening a window to let natural light in or investing in a ring light. These lights cast an even amount of light onto your photo shoot, creating more balanced and beautiful photos. It can also reduce shadows, highlight certain features and characteristics, and minimize blemishes when taking foot pics that include your face. 

One of the biggest mistakes foot content creators make when selling feet pics online is not editing their work. And while you don’t need to spend hours on end editing your foot pics, you should at least give them a once-over and check for any flaws or imperfections before posting them for sale. The quality of your foot content says a lot about you as a person, the level of service you provide, and your professionalism. Building a positive reputation is an important element of being a successful foot pic seller. Selling poor-quality foot pics with a high price tag could leave you labeled as a scammer and your foot pic business dead in the water. 

Props and accessories are other add-ons that can bring personality, variety, and increased sales to your foot pic endeavors. Certain props can create a theme for your next photoshoot or act as accents alongside your perfectly manicured and polished toes. Examples include:

  • Flowers or flower petals
  • Rocks, marbles, or gemstones
  • Ribbons 
  • Satin or silk sheets
  • Velvet pillows
  • Candles

You can also incorporate different accessories including footwear, socks or hosiery, jewelry, and tattoos (real or fake). Regardless of the type of prop or accessory you decide to use, it should enhance your photos without taking away from them. Your feet should always be the main focus of your pictures, with accessories and props adding diversity, not blocking the buyer’s view or covering them up. 

Create a Diverse Portfolio

Variety is the spice of life. Taking the same generic types of foot pics over and over won’t garnish you big sales or land you repeat customers. Most buyers prefer seller pages that are filled with plenty of foot pics and videos to choose from. This includes different angles, categories, and niches. They also want new content, often, so be sure to post consistently. The best way to do this is by creating a posting schedule. As with any content creator, it’s important to update your page weekly or even daily, if possible. This keeps customers and fans coming back for more. Just be sure to stick with whatever schedule you adopt since your loyal followers will come to expect the new content you post. 

Switch things up by taking some foot pics indoors and outside. Experiment with different positions and poses. Try laying down and taking a picture looking straight up at your feet or standing and looking down at the tops of your feet. Include pictures of your feet fresh and clean with painted toes or dirty from a long walk outside or after playing in the mud. You never know what type of foot content will land you your next big sale, but the more diverse your portfolio is, the more customers you’ll attract. 

Sell Feet Pics on Multiple Outlets

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket by selling and promoting your foot pics on a single platform. The more outlets you use, the more sales you’ll land. As important as it is to broaden your horizons and utilize multiple resources for selling feet pics, it’s equally as important not to spread yourself too thin. Only create the number of accounts that you can reasonably manage at a time. This lets you focus on both quality and quantity. Avoid trying to do too much at once or else the consistency and quality of your work will suffer.

It’s good to start on a reputable foot pic website that’s geared toward foot pic sales rather than a generic website or social media platform. The main reason is that these foot pic marketplaces have the tools, resources, and features you need to succeed. Every step of the registration process and profile-building is geared toward foot pic sales. If you’ve never done this before, these sites make it easy to get started. They also offer numerous categories and niches for your work, private chat features to communicate with potential buyers and secure payment systems. It’s like one-stop-shopping for your foot pic business.

In addition to these platforms, you can also sell your foot pics on social media, OnlyFans, a personal website or blog, and stock photo websites. 

Promote Your Work on Social Media

Speaking of social media, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even TikTok and Snapchat are great resources for promoting your work, but may not be the best outlets for selling (more on this below). Instead of focusing on landing sales on social media, use these popular apps to advertise your content and drive traffic to your foot pic sales pages. 

Whether you’re selling anonymously or as yourself, it may be in your best interest to create new social media accounts for your foot pic ventures. This way, you’re not mixing business and pleasure. Keep your personal social media feeds for pics of your family, pets, and vacations. Use a different account to promote your foot content, advertise your inventory, and drive traffic to your website or online sales pages. You can also post reels, host live events, and interact with your biggest fans to help create a foot model persona that people can’t help but fall in love with. 

Accept Custom Orders and Requests

Outside of your regular foot pic inventory, you should consider filling custom requests from your biggest fans. Any experienced foot pic seller will tell you that this is where the real money is made. When a potential buyer contacts you via private chat requesting a specific type of foot pic or video, you can reasonably charge them more for custom content. Not only are you creating a personalized experience for the client, which is worth more, but you’re investing added time and effort into creating brand new content for them. 

Most custom orders are placed via private chat. And most foot pic platforms have safe and secure messaging services that make this possible. When a potential buyer contacts you, always engage in polite and professional conversation. You can reasonably entertain their chatter for a few minutes but, ultimately, redirect the conversation to the task at hand – selling them custom foot pics. 

It’s not uncommon for some clients to try and engage in explicit conversation or keep the conversation going. Remember, you’re not being paid for sexting. This is strictly a business transaction and should be treated as such. If the potential buyer becomes aggressive or makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to end the conversation and cancel the order. If they’ve already paid, refund them their money and move on to a more serious and respectable buyer. 

Handle Yourself Like a Boss

One of the biggest benefits of selling feet pics online is the ability to be your own boss. Sure, you need to adhere to the community guidelines and restrictions on whatever website you’re using, but outside of this, you have free reign to create the type of foot content you want and grow your business accordingly. 

Being your own boss also comes with a certain level of responsibility. You need to be professional, and reliable, and build your reputation and brand online. You also need to manage all your sales, handle customer service issues and complaints, and advertise your work. When you sell feet pics online, you’re also building a brand – and that brand is you! Invest time, care, and effort into creating a product and persona you can be proud of.

You also need to address other entrepreneurial duties like paying taxes on your foot pic income, maintaining your sales pages, fielding customer inquiries and comments, and responding to reviews – both positive and negative. 

Protect Your Work and Sensitive Data

There’s a certain level of risk that comes with any online business – including selling feet pics. It’s your job to protect yourself against potential scammers and hackers. This means never sharing your personal information or details including your address, your real name, your location, or your banking details.

Recognizing certain red flags can help keep you safe from those looking to harm. For example, if the customer is overly aggressive or insists on meeting in person, they may be up to no good. Other warning signs include a buyer who demands you provide the content before they pay, someone who wants to meet in person and pay in cash, or a customer who becomes pushy over pricing. 

In addition to protecting your best interest when chatting with buyers and closing deals, you also need to protect your rights to your work. Unfortunately, the Internet is riddled with wrongdoers looking to steal your content and sell it elsewhere. The best way to prevent this is by adding watermarks to your photos. Watermarks are small, subtle images or words that trademark your foot pics. They can be a logo, symbol, or name. Add these watermarks to the corners of your foot pics or in a light-colored font in the backdrop of your photos. Watermarks should be visible without taking away from the overall quality and beauty of your work. Once a buyer makes a purchase, you can remove these markings and provide them with the final version of the image. 

Pamper Your Feet

When it comes to selling feet pics, your feet are your canvas and you need to treat them as such. Invest some time and effort into keeping your feet clean, moisturized, and well-manicured. You can pay for professional pedicures that involve toenail polish or perform an at-home pedicure and foot care regime. 

Moisturizing your feet is crucial. No one wants to see dry cracked heels. Keep your toenails clean and free from dirt, cuticles, and imperfections. When you start with a healthy foundation, you can capture breathtaking feet pics that include different angles, poses, props, and backdrops. Remember, though, some people are searching for dirty feet pics, so don’t be afraid to experiment with these types of images as well. 

Where to Sell Feet Pics

There are numerous places for you to list your feet pics for sale including social media, subscription sites like OnlyFans, and foot pic websites like FunwithFeet and Feetify. Each of these outlets offers its own set of benefits and drawbacks. It’s important to do your research and consider the pros and cons of each source when deciding where to sell feet pics.

Here’s more information on the different options plus tips for finding and choosing the best and most lucrative outlet for your foot content. (Recommended)

At the top of our list of the best places to sell feet pics is This platform is user-friendly, secure, beautifully designed, and a great place to boost your sales, confidence, and following. Registering on FunwithFeet is free. Sellers pay a small membership fee for using the site and all of its incredible features. From private chat services and versatile categories to a functional design and secure payment methods, the admins at FunwithFeet handle all of the particulars so that sellers can focus on what matters most – selling high-quality content and creating a gorgeous and diverse portfolio. lets its sellers keep 100% of their sales, which makes it easy to price your foot pics, budget your expenses, and make money. The platform also invests in its sellers with a “Recently Joined” section of the homepage that highlights newcomers and a section for the most popular categories. The website’s FAQ section and informative blog offer ample information and advice for succeeding in this competitive, yet lucrative and rewarding industry. 

FunwithFeet Pros

  • Sellers keep 100% of their sales 
  • The website doesn’t take a commission 
  • A professional and easy-to-use website design
  • A platform invested in the success of its sellers
  • Safe and secure payment systems
  • Knowledgeable and responsive customer service
  • An informative blog and FAQ page 
  • Private chat features for connecting with other members

FunwithFeet Cons

  • Occasional website glitches
  • Some competition among sellers
  • No mobile app 


Feetify works similarly to FunwithFeet and FeetFinder with some added bonuses for active sellers. Similar to FunwithFeet, Feetify invests in its sellers by offering cash rewards to those who are the most active and engaged. Even if you never sell a single foot pic on this platform, as long as you pay for a premium membership, remain active, and post high-quality content, you’re eligible for cash rewards and prizes. 

Feetify hopes that by rewarding the most engaged and active members, the site will continue to grow and attract buyers from all walks of life (pun intended). Cash rewards range from $4 up to $100 and more, with the platform handing out between $1,000 and $10,000 every month in reward money.

It’s important to note that in order to upgrade to a premium account, sellers must pay $49 in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are accepted, however, not everyone is familiar with these types of funds which may be a turn-off. If you pay for one year of premium access, Feetify may reward you with an additional year free. As you can see, Feetify is dedicated to the success and safety of its users, making it a great place to sell foot content and meet other foot enthusiasts ready to chat, connect, and maybe even collaborate. 

Feetfiy Pros

  • Cash rewards and awards for active sellers
  • The ability to make money even if you never make a sale 
  • The website is focused strictly on buying and selling feet pics (a targeted market)
  • Safe and secure transactions
  • Helpful customer service

Feetify Cons

  • Only Premium members are eligible for cash rewards
  • Stiff competition
  • No mobile app
  • Not as well-known as other foot pic platforms 


Unlike the Dollar Store, foot pics on this website are anything but cheap. DollarFeet works slightly differently from the other platforms on this list, though, and deals strictly with foot videos. There’s also no communication or interaction between buyers and sellers. Instead, foot content creators sell their foot pic videos directly to the website’s admins for a flat fee of $10. The website then markets, sells and distributes these videos to their exclusive customer base.

DollarFeet offers a unique opportunity to make money creating high-quality foot videos without the hassle of pitching your work directly to buyers, chatting, or producing high volumes of foot pics that may never sell. DollarFeet is a much more focused industry with clear instructions and goals.

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible to sell on DollarFeet. In fact, this foot content platform has an extensive application process. Prospective sellers must fill out a detailed application, submit a sample video, upload photos of their face and body, and input other intimate details. Not all sellers are comfortable with this process. Not to mention, if your video isn’t selected, you don’t get paid. Applying on DollarFeet is an investment more than a get-rich-quick experience. You also have to be comfortable with using your real name and identity, so consider these drawbacks before applying. 

DollarFeet Pros

  • Convenient, flat-fee payments of $10 per video
  • The ability to negotiate prices and earn more
  • Niche-specific for creating a wide variety of content
  • A heavy emphasis on discretion and privacy

DollarFeet Cons

  • A rigorous application process
  • Not everyone can sell on DollarFeet
  • If your application isn’t accepted, you don’t get paid
  • Limited accessibility and availability 
  • No foot pic sales, just videos

Feet Lovers Only

With a name like Feet Lovers Only, it only makes sense that this is a viable foot pic website for both new and experienced sellers to grow their business and income. Foot lovers from around the world can join Feet Lovers Only to connect over shared kinks and fetishes, preferences, and experiences. Once you find common ground with another member, you can discuss foot pic sales, pricing, and custom orders. You may even acquire a few repeat customers that become loyal fans. 

The advanced search settings on Feet Lovers Only make it easy for buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Search filters include age, ethnicity, profession, body type, and more. But the earning potential doesn’t end there! Feet Lovers Only supports more than just the sale of foot content. You can also sell foot-related items including hosiery, pantyhose, socks, and footwear. Another unique feature of Feet Lovers Only is its coin-based payment system. Users can purchase KinkCoins and use them to unlock content and special features or tip their favorite sellers. Sellers on the site can trade their KinkCoins for cash at any time. 

Not all Feet Lovers Only users pay with or accept KinkCoins so be sure to check with the other party before making a final deal. 

Feet Lovers Only Pros

  • The ability to connect with like-minded foot enthusiasts
  • Enhanced privacy settings
  • A large community following
  • A unique and dedicated payment system
  • A market for other foot-related items and products including socks, hosiery, etc.
  • Detailed profile settings for advanced searching 

Feet Lovers Only Cons

  • A smaller customer base (not as popular as other foot pic websites)
  • Some safety and privacy issues
  • No mobile app


Another popular foot pic website is FeetFinder. One of the largest and most well-known platforms, if size and popularity are important to you, then this website is worth checking out. FeetFinder has the most foot pic categories of any website on this list, with hundreds to choose from. And while this may sound amazing (and it is, in some ways), it can also be overwhelming for both buyers and sellers. Some customers find it difficult to search for and find exactly what they’re looking for, while sellers don’t even know where to start.

Other downsides to this platform include a childlike design and high commissions and fees. FeetFinder takes a 20% commission on all sales and charges membership fees for buyers and sellers. You can choose between a basic fee or a premium plan. Both have their own perks, with the premium plan offering increased exposure and visibility for your profile. Getting noticed on FeetFinder can prove quite tricky as well since there are thousands of sellers from around the world all battling for the same pool of buyers. If you choose to sell feet pics on FeetFinder, consider listing on other platforms as well, and be sure to calculate the membership fees and commissions when setting your prices. 

FeetFinder Pros

  • A well-known site with a large following
  • Hundreds of categories and niches to choose from
  • Responsive customer service
  • A referral program for sellers 

FeetFinder Cons

  • High membership fees
  • The website keeps a 20% commission on all sales
  • A buyer-saturated market
  • A complicated, clunky, and overwhelming website layout
  • Outdated website design 
  • No mobile app
  • Complicate payout system 


When Apple coined the phrase, “There’s an app for that”, maybe they were talking about selling feet pics! With such a wide audience of foot lovers and creative minds around the world, it was only a matter of time before an artistic app like Foap hit the app store. Today, Foap is considered one of the most popular photography apps available for Apple and Android devices – and a perfect outlet for selling feet pics. 

Due to its sheer size, Foap offers content creators exposure to a captive audience around the world. But exposure to such a broad range of clientele doesn’t come without a cost. The platform keeps 50% of all sales, which is a pretty huge cut compared to other platforms. That means if you sell a foot pic for $10, you keep $5 and the other $5 goes toward maintaining the app.

But Foap is more than just a sales app. It’s also a great place to meet and connect with other creative minds. Get inspired and motivated by other content creators with big dreams and even bigger goals. Downloading and using Foap is free. All you need to get started is an email address and a Facebook account. Foap will automatically link these two accounts together, increasing your visibility. Once your account is official, you can start posting photos, browsing other sellers’ content, chatting, making connections, and landing your first sale. 

Be sure to check Foap’s community guidelines which detail the exact size and quality requirements for all uploads. For example, Foap doesn’t permit face pics, selfies, or poor-quality photos that are blurry or riddled with errors and imperfections. If you can master taking high-quality photos, you can master making money on Foap.

Foap Pros

  • A global reach 
  • A diverse customer base 
  • Added earning potential through missions
  • The ability to set and change the prices of your content
  • The potential for building your business through commercial opportunities

Foap Cons

  • The platform keeps 50% of all sales
  • Not a foot-focused platform 
  • Strict community guidelines regarding the size and quality of images
  • Stiff competition with sellers from around the world
  • Some licensing requirements 


Whisper is the perfect place to sell feet pics on the DL. It works like a social media app but protects user identity, allowing members to remain completely anonymous. Whisper is free to download and use. Since its creation in 2012, Whisper has acquired over 200 million users around the world. The concept behind the app and the name is to share your deepest, darkest, and naughtiest secrets without anyone ever knowing it’s you. Whether you have a burning secret you just have to share or you love gossip, Whisper is a safe, free, and fun way to exchange information.

So, how can you use this top-secret app for selling feet pics? Every secret you post on Whisper appears with a photo as the background. Similar to an Instagram post, you can choose a picture from your camera roll and add text, stickers, and other details. These words and images will appear over the photo and help drum up interest in your work. 

Most people looking to sell feet pics on Whisper use a foot pic as their background and add other details using text like the price of their content, other social media handles, and contact details. Now, simply sit back and wait for someone to contact you with more questions about your feet pics. You may even discover a few new friends and fellow foot enthusiasts along the way.

Whisper Pros

  • Works like a social media app
  • The ability to remain anonymous
  • A heavy emphasis on privacy 
  • The ability to set your own prices and accept custom orders
  • A fun and interactive app 

Whisper Cons

  • Not a foot-focused app
  • A risk of getting scammed 
  • The potential for explicit requests and unsolicited messages
  • An entire app focused on gossip and sharing people’s secrets 


Etsy is known for its homemade items and personalized gifts. From jewelry and clothing to home decor and hand-crafted gifts, Etsy is a virtual playground for creative minds. But did you know that it’s also an awesome outlet for your artwork and, yes, feet pics? A quick search for “feet pics” on this platform will generate a variety of results including sculptures, footwear, art pieces, and still photos. And while most people don’t visit Etsy specifically looking for foot content, with a little digging and creativity, this platform can be a viable and lucrative outlet for your work.

The key to selling feet pics on Etsy and making money is knowing how to use and utilize the website or app. The keywords and tags you use for your photos are crucial. You also need to drive traffic to your Etsy shop, design it to be eye-catching and engaging, and calculate Etsy’s listing fee and 5% commission when pricing your content. 

Etsy works primarily with two different types of images – prints on demand and digital printables. The latter can be downloaded like a traditional online image whereas prints on demand are printed and mailed to the customer. You can choose which type of foot pic to sell or offer both forms since there’s equal demand. If you choose to print and mail your foot pics, be sure to include shipping and postage costs in your listing price. Most buyers have no issues paying to have your beautiful feet pics shipped to them, the same way they pay shipping fees on other items.

Etsy Pros

  • A safe and secure platform
  • A place for creative and artistic minds
  • The ability to set your own rates and choose a payment method
  • Hashtags and target keywords help increase visibility 
  • The ability to sell and market other items (i.e. socks, hosiery, etc.)
  • A well-known website and app with a loyal following
  • A heavy emphasis on artistic expression
  • The ability to build your brand and your own digital storefront 

Etsy Cons

  • Not a platform designed specifically for feet pics
  • Etsy charges a listing fee and 5% commission on all sales
  • Targeted keywords may generate irrelevant results 


From artistic expression to NSFW content, OnlyFans is a subscription-based website where content creators of all types sell subscriptions to their page. These prices can range from as little as $4.99 per month to as much as $49.99 per month, though these higher price tags are reserved for celebrities and online influencers. OnlyFans also supports PPC (pay-per-click) images for a flat fee.

OnlyFans has its pros and cons when selling feet pics. In terms of benefits, OnlyFans is an extremely popular and well-known content-based outlet, which means if you have an OnlyFans page for your feet pics, it won’t take long for you to attract a following. On the downside, most people associate OnlyFans with racy or explicit content (i.e. NSFW). Because of this, having an OnlyFans page may be controversial. Additionally, many users may be expecting more from you than just feet pics. Don’t be surprised if you receive elicit requests for adult or X-rated images. If you’re comfortable with this, great. If not, you may want to post on a more mainstream platform. 

Another thing to consider when selling feet pics on OnlyFans is that the platform takes a 20% commission on all your sales. This includes your monthly subscription fees and individual downloads. Similar to FeetFinder, you need to calculate these fees into your listing price to compensate for any lost revenue. 

OnlyFans Pros

  • Creative freedom and expression
  • The ability to set your own subscription rates
  • Opportunities to sell PPC images and videos
  • A well-known platform with millions of users
  • Other content options like videos and live streams

OnlyFans Cons

  • Mostly known for NSFW content, not feet pics
  • Success depends on a loyal customer base of paid subscribers
  • Sellers are fully responsible for their own marketing and promotion
  • The platform keeps 20% of all sales including subscriptions, PPC orders, and tips
  • The website has a negative stigma regarding adult and X-rated content 

Stock Photo Websites

From explicit foot content to more generic images, stock photo websites like Shutterstock, Dreamstime, and Depositphotos are all great outlets for your beautiful and traditional foot pics. These platforms are constantly uploading new images for visitors to search, download, and purchase. People turn to stock photo websites for all types of content for a variety of reasons, with most buyers needing basic images for their blogs or websites. Here you can create beautiful and flawless photos that fit into various categories help promote products and services and add beauty and appeal to any website. 

Another benefit of selling your feet pics to stock photo websites is that transactions are pretty straightforward. Instead of chatting with potential buyers, haggling over pricing, or fielding countless questions and inquiries, you simply sell your content to the stock photo website, collect your money, and let them handle the rest. The platform uploads the photos they receive, tagging them with appropriate and relevant keywords, and waits for someone to download them or purchase a monthly package. Once they do, you’ll be automatically paid for your work. Selling feet pics on stock photo websites offers a straightforward approach to making money off your foot content. 

Stock Photo Website Pros

  • The ability to sell on multiple stock photo sites (i.e. Shutterstock, Adobe, Dreamstime, etc.)
  • The photos are more generic and basic
  • Most stock photo sites have a global reach
  • The trust and reassurance of working on a reputable and established platform 
  • No direct contact with buyers (i.e. no need to conversate, negotiate, or haggle)

Stock Photo Website Cons

  • The websites choose the rate per download (and it’s usually pretty low)
  • Stiff competition with a lot of the same images available for download
  • The potential for royalty issues 

Social Media

With billions of social media users worldwide, each with over 7 accounts on average, if you’re not prompting your feet pics on social media, you’re missing out. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok make it easy to promote your work, network with other users, join groups and communities and add hashtags to your posts. These forms of targeted advertising are not only priceless when selling feet pics but they’re also free to use! Stories, reels, live events, and detailed bios make it easier than ever to find like-minded users interested in what you’re selling.

As amazing as social media is for marketing, it’s not always the best place to sell your feet pics directly. One of the biggest reasons is that social media isn’t regulated or controlled. As an independent seller, you’ll need to handle every aspect of the sale and transaction process from verifying the buyer’s identity and choosing a secure payment method to handling aggressive users. This can not only be stressful but dangerous. You’re also tasked with protecting yourself against scammers looking to access your personal information and data. 

If all of this sounds overwhelming and you prefer to stick with generating gorgeous foot content that sells, it’s suggested you use social media to promote your work but finalize all sales on a different, more secure platform. Add links to your sales pages in your social media bios and use your favorite apps to build a following and drive traffic to more secure platforms where you can finalize sales with confidence. 

Social Media Pros

  • Billions of users around the world
  • The ability to build your fanbase quickly
  • Sync and share information and posts across multiple channels
  • A global reach
  • Apps like Instagram are designed as visual mediums for posting pics and videos
  • Countless tools and features including reels, stories, and livestreams 
  • Most social media platforms have convenient apps and private chats

Social Media Cons

  • No protection against scammers and hackers
  • Sellers are responsible for securing and completing all transactions
  • Hard to get noticed and recognized
  • Difficult to remain anonymous
  • Strict community guidelines and restrictions

Personal Blog or Website 

Some foot content creators enjoy being in complete control of every aspect of the sale, from start to finish. If this describes you, creating a personal website or blog might be in your best interest. With platforms like WordPress and Shopify, creating a personal website for your content has never been easier or more affordable.

For a few hundred dollars you can choose a website host and domain name for your foot pic business. Then it’s time to get creative! Design the pages, navigation menus, and categories before choosing a payment method and other features you believe will enhance the customer experience. There’s no limit to the features and tools you can offer on a personal page.

But with this creative freedom comes great responsibility. It’s up to you to keep your page well-maintained and updated. Slow-loading pages and security breaches could cost you sales and your reputation. You also need to choose a secure payment method, handle any dissatisfied customers or complaints, and protect your identity and personal details. Running your own website for selling feet pics also comes with additional perks like designing it to fit your personality, having no limitations on the type of content you sell, and the ability to set your own rates without paying a commission. You will, however, have to pay for a hosting service and a domain name, plus pay for website maintenance. 

So, like most places to sell feet pics on this list, creating your own website or blog comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks to consider. 

Personal Website Pros

  • You have complete control over every aspect of your foot pic business
  • You can accept any payment method
  • You choose the design and layout of your site
  • Price your foot pics and videos however you see fit
  • You can increase your domain authority by driving traffic to the site
  • You don’t have to pay any commissions on your sales or membership fees

Personal Website Cons

  • No protection against hackers and scammers (other than your own judgment and efforts)
  • High overhead fees for website hosting and a domain name
  • You have to handle any disputes, dissatisfied customers, and other issues
  • It takes additional time to maintain a website
  • You’re responsible for all of your marketing and driving traffic to the site
  • It can be difficult to gain traction and popularity 

Other Tips for Successfully Selling Feet Pics 

Knowing how and where to sell feet pics are two important steps in succeeding in this competitive market – but they’re not the only ones. Here are a few tricks of the trade to help lead you down the path to success.

Create a Detailed Profile

Your foot pic profile is the first thing people will see. Your profile photo should be high-quality, attractive, and flawless. It can be an image of your feet, your face, or your body, depending on the website’s guidelines and requirements. If the platform allows you to upload both a profile picture and a cover photo, make sure at least one of them is of your feet and free of any imperfections. After all, your profile picture is the first thing potential buyers will see and a good first impression goes a long way.

But successfully selling feet pics is about more than just the photos you upload (although this is extremely important). It’s also about attention to detail when writing your bio. Many buyers are looking for an experience when they purchase foot pics, not just an image. Whether it’s about fulfilling a certain fantasy or meeting a specific need or kink, the more they know about who you are and what your interests are, the more inclined they’ll be to purchase your content. Include details about your profession, lifestyle, preferences, hobbies, and of course foot fetishes. When creating your foot pic profile, think about painting a picture that combines your awesome personality and your irresistible feet. 

Monitor Your Pricing

Not all foot content sells for the same amount. Myriad factors impact how much you can reasonably charge for your foot pics and videos. In most cases, your popularity and experience play the biggest role. More experienced sellers with a loyal following can charge much more than a new seller just starting out. For example, if you’re a beginner with a minimal social media following, start off selling your pics for between $5 and $10 per image. Once you start to gain more experience and notoriety in the industry, you can slowly increase your prices to reflect your worth. Compare the quality and type of content you produce to other sellers with your same level of experience. Use their current pricing as a benchmark for your own. If you find that adjusting your prices too much results in lost sales or revenue, think about reducing them again. Keep your prices consistent for at least a few weeks to gauge how your fans and followers react. 

Accept Custom Orders

Speaking of a steady following of loyal fans, once you make a name for yourself in the industry you can start accepting custom orders. If a buyer likes what they see on your page, it’s not uncommon for them to contact you via private messenger to place a custom request. Buyers want custom content for several reasons but usually, it’s related to a specific fantasy, fetish, or need they have. Perhaps they love the look of your bare feet but need them in a certain pose or position for their website. Someone with a foot fetish might want to see your feet in a certain compromising position or wearing a certain type of shoe or sock. 

Once the customer contacts you, help steer the conversation in the right direction. Entertain their questions and chatter for a little bit but be mindful not to veer too far off course. If they’re looking for more explicit talk, refer them to a different service or seller and redirect the conversation. In some instances, you may need to block or report overly aggressive buyers that make you feel uncomfortable. If all goes well and the buyer is serious, you can discuss the details of their order, pricing, timing, and delivery method. Base the price on how much time and effort the content will take. For many sellers, filling custom orders is their biggest money-making opportunity. 

Scope Out the Competition 

In the foot pic industry it’s important to keep your friends close and your enemies (or competition) closer. Selling feet pics is becoming increasingly more popular which is why competition on most websites is pretty fierce. You need to do something unique and innovative to stand out from the crowd. One way to do this is by keeping a close eye on your competition. See what they’re doing that’s working and which approaches fall flat. Use their best-selling foot content for creative inspiration. If you’re daring and forward enough, ask your favorite sellers if they’d be willing to collaborate with you. Sometimes, two sets of feet are better than one. You can also gauge your own foot pic prices on what other sellers are charging for similar work. 

Be Consistent 

Remaining active and engaged in the foot pic industry ensures that you also remain relevant. With new sellers popping up every day, it’s easy to fall to the wayside and get forgotten. The best way to avoid this is by remaining consistent with the quality of your work and how often you post. Buyers want to see fresh new content regularly. They also want diversity. Make sure your profile is filled with plenty of inventory and that you’re adding to it consistently.

The best way to accomplish this is by creating a posting schedule. Whether you upload new content once a week, twice a week, or every month, your loyal followers will get to know your habits and look forward to your uploads. Don’t disappoint them. With such stiff competition out there, a few missteps and even your loyalist fans will find another seller to buy from. 

Market Your Foot Pics Properly

Marketing your foot pics is key to your success. Regardless of where you sell feet pics, you need to promote your own work. Social media is a great place for this, as well as other foot pic communities and forums like Reddit. But simply posting your foot pics online or mentioning them on your Instagram page isn’t enough. You need a marketing plan that makes sense and supports your ultimate goals.

Foot content works similarly to other types of content, which means focusing on SEO and including certain keywords, hashtags, and other details in your descriptions increase the likelihood that your foot pics get noticed and purchased. Use descriptive language, add your content to relevant categories and niches, and use hashtags and keywords that are trending. All of these extra steps can increase your visibility and the likelihood that people see and purchase your content when searching online. 

Plenty of foot pic sellers also use paid advertising for their content. Facebook and Google Ads are two of the most popular options. These paid advertising opportunities can lead to increased sales and more opportunities, and they offer insightful analytics to help you figure out which marketing efforts are working best and which aren’t worth the investment. That way, you can focus your energy on the techniques that yield the best results. 

Keep Yourself Safe and Secure

Just as much as the Internet is a vast world of endless opportunity, it can also be a black hole of uncertainty and dangers lurking just beyond your computer screen. As an independent foot pic seller, you must remain safe, compliant, and protected. This means only selling your foot content on trusted platforms that perform age and identity verification on all members. Never share your details or information including your banking info, location, real name, and other pieces of information that could be used to uncover your identity or location. 

Some sellers also use a VPN (virtual private network) as an additional safeguard against those looking to do you harm, find your location, or scam you out of money. By encrypting your data and IP address, VPNs make it increasingly difficult for hackers to access your information. Other safety measures include using a fake name, keeping all contact and conversations professional, using secure payment systems, and only selling on reputable websites with knowledgeable and helpful customer service teams.

The Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics

At the end of the day, you need to outweigh the pros and cons of selling feet pics to make an informed and knowledgeable decision that’s right for your specific lifestyle and goals. While there are numerous benefits and drawbacks to consider within the foot pic industry, here are some of the most commonly reported.

Pros of Selling Feet Pics

  • It provides passive income
  • Little to no experience is needed
  • An affordable investment
  • Flexibility and convenience
  • A growing market with plenty of potential
  • There are plenty of platforms to choose from
  • It’s fun and can boost your confidence

Cons of Selling Feet Pics 

  • Inconsistent revenue
  • Most of the marketing and legwork is your responsibility
  • Some people frown upon the industry
  • You’re exposed to unsolicited requests and messages
  • You need to protect your identity and sensitive information
  • There’s a lot of competition 
  • Scammers may steal your images without giving you credit 

As with anything in life, you need to decide if the positives of selling feet pics outweigh the negatives before investing your time and energy into this side hustle. 

Sell Feet Pics at Your Own Pace

Although selling feet pics online isn’t right for everyone, there are plenty of people making a healthy side hustle in this unconventional and exciting industry. Whether you’ve sold content online before or this is an entirely new venture for you, these tips and tricks can guide you through the entire process and offer you valuable insight into how and where to sell feet pics. Just remember, as with any new business venture, making money off your feet pics takes time, dedication, and consistency. But with the right approach, you could be on your way to discovering a new and amazing way to make money from home.

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