Which Outsourcing Skills Could Be Replaced by AI?

Now is a better time than ever to start earning anytime, anywhere with the help of tech. The increasing tech penetration in everyday life has paved the way for many earning opportunities using the right skills and the internet. But among the flurry of opportunities, there are also risks of getting replaced by AI. Let’s take a look into some popular online money-making skills that can be replaced by AI

Online Money-Making Skills that AI Can Replace in Future 

The online money-making skills can be classified into two categories – one that involves soft skills and others that are hard skills. 

The problem with soft-skilled online jobs is that they require less technical skills. They are abundant and the online job markets are already saturated with them. Because of the nature of these jobs, they will soon be replaced by AI which will render most of the workers in these fields jobless. 

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Here are some mentionable online work niches that are under threat of being replaced by AI.


Copywriting and content creation have been facing threats of AI for well over a decade now. With the advent of advanced chatbots like ChatGPT, the threat has been simply expedited. It’s almost certain that human copywriting will become obsolete soon. 

Data Entry 

Low-skill jobs like data entry will also be completely replaced by AI soon. There are already powerful tools that can extract and compile data at the push of a button. As the technology gets more streamlined, it is sure to replace the data entry gigs found on different platforms today. 

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Paid Online Marketing

Paid online marketing mainly involves pay-per-click or PPC advertisement. The paid online marketers create campaigns or ads to target buyers from age-group, geographic location, gender, shopping preference and many other factors.

As the search engines are becoming more optimized and sentient, the AI tools are continuously evolving and improving. In future, business owners may choose machine learning algorithms for managing their PPC campaigns. Therefore, demands for paid online marketers, such as PPC advertisers, may become obsolete in the future.

Client Service 

Client service workers are also under threat of being replaced by AI as more and more advanced chatbots enter the market. While there is scope for monetary gains in the short run, it will too become obsolete in the long run. 

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Proofreading and Editing 

Just like copywriting, proofreading and editing online gigs will also be replaced by AI, albeit at a much slower rate. There’s already advanced software like Grammarly that is spot-on at catching grammatical errors. It’s only a matter of time before AI will catch up with editing style and tones as well. But there’s a high chance that the need for highly skilled editors and proofreaders will be around even after 10 years. However, the market size and demand for that would significantly shrink.

It’s important to note that these jobs may have a market value today, but in the long run, they will cease to exist for the majority of workers. It’s important to identify similar online money-making traps that may bring returns in the short run, but will essentially yield nothing long term. 

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Which Skills Have Less Chances of Being Replaced by AI? 

With the advancement of robotic technology, there is a high probability that AI will replace many jobs within 5 to 10 years. 

Therefore, it is high time to learn a skill that would be in demand in future. Those who want to make money online, need to focus on developing skills that will be in need even if AI completely takes over every mundane task. Creative works, engineering, and sciences will always need human foresight and hence will not be easily replaced in the future. 

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