Similarweb 3.0 Puts Digital Data to Work Unlocking Business Growth

Empowering businesses with 360° visibility across all digital ecosystems to drive marketing and business excellence

TEL AVIV, Israel & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today Similarweb (NYSE: SMWB) launched the Similarweb 3.0 generation of its platform for powering business decisions in the digital world.

In addition to helping companies keep pace with changes in the digital landscape, Similarweb 3.0 streamlines access to the data and insights on web and app performance that provide the most business value. Whether you’re responsible for a small website or the online operations of a global company, Similarweb 3.0 will let you connect strategic research with daily execution – and do it at scale. For search engine optimization and pay per click advertising leaders, Similarweb 3.0 offers better ways of seizing opportunities and staying ahead of the competition. Business leaders and marketing managers will be able to leverage Similarweb 3.0 to focus their investments in smarter digital strategies for efficient growth.

“The past three years have brought about a profound transformation in the digital ecosystem, making it a more intensely competitive arena than ever before,” Similarweb CEO Or Offer said. “I’m proud of the work our product and engineering teams have done to not only expand and refine the data that we offer on web and app performance but organize it for delivery in more customizable and efficient ways.”

Pricing and packaging changes make Similarweb 3.0 accessible and affordable to businesses at every stage of their growth, allowing customers to choose the modules that make the most sense for their business. Meanwhile, new Advanced Sharing features allow for easier dissemination of reports to designated Viewers, who need not have a full platform license.

Similarweb 3.0 modules include:

  • A new Search Tracker, featuring:
    • Rank Tracker to alert SEO to changes in their rankings on specific keywords – because once you find your way to the top of the rankings, the next challenge is to stay there.
    • Brand Protection to warn marketers when competitors make aggressive plays against branded keywords – allowing brand owners to win back the traffic that’s rightfully theirs.
  • Market Intelligence to give business leaders the data and trackers to measure market change, benchmark performance and stay on top of changing consumer needs, trends, and customer journeys.
  • Website Segments and Custom Industries for custom market analysis at scale. Go beyond tracking competitor domains to isolating product categories, lines of business, or specific page types.
  • Data as a Service enhancements for custom access to the data you need, when you need it, via APIs or a new Data Exporter user interface. API access is faster than ever, with a richer feature set.

Throughout, Similarweb 3.0 features user interface and navigation improvements. Although it’s not an official part of 3.0, the new SimilarAsk AI assistant is available to beta testers who would like to see how Similarweb is working to streamline access to data and shorten the time it takes to find actionable insights.

Similarweb 3.0 is being unveiled today with a blog post by CEO Or Offer and a presentation at Inbound 2023, the Hubspot Marketing and Sales Conference. A pair of webinars will follow on September 26 for Business and Marketing Managers and September 28 for SEO and PPC Managers. See for more details on the webinars, the release, and how to get access to Similarweb 3.0.

About Similarweb

Similarweb powers businesses to win their market with the best Digital Data. Similarweb reveals what is happening online and provides businesses with the essential digital data & analytics needed to build strategy, optimize customer acquisition and increase monetization. We empower our users to be the first to discover and capture the best business opportunities and stay alert to react instantly to emerging threats to their business. Similarweb products are easy to use and integrated into users’ workflow, powered by the most advanced technology, and based on the most comprehensive and accurate digital data on the planet.

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