Kang Daniel shares wholesome reunion photo with Concrete Utopia star Park Seo Joon; Fans react

Kang Daniel shared a wholesome photo on Instagram with Concrete Utopia actor Park Seo Joon. This sweet reunion photograph has sent fans into a frenzy. This picture is all over the social media of the common fans of the two stars.

Kang Daniel and Park Seo Joon’s endearing photo

Park Seo Joon is one of the ambassadors of a Seoul-based fashion brand. He was seen at the pop-up store launching event with other South Korean celebrities like former Wanna One member Kang Daniel. On September 16, Kang Daniel took to social media to share his photo with Park Seo Joon. Kang Daniel was seen hugging the Dream actor and captioned the post on Instagram saying, “Cuddly… hehe”. This photograph was captured at the same event which took place on September 14. Park Seo Joon attended one of the final concerts of the group Wanna One back in 2019. Kang Daniel and Park Seo Joon have seen an amazing glow-up since the last time they were spotted together. Fans were delighted to see this wholesome photograph of them together and have been sharing it with immense love on the X app (formerly Twitter). Previously, when the clips of them together once again at the event were out, the fans were already excited. But, after looking at this picture, fans could not seem to contain their happiness. 

Kang Daniel, Park Seo Joon, BTS’ V, and Lee Bada together

Park Seo Joon and Kang Daniel were spotted with other stars like BTS member V and popular dance choreographer Lee Bada. They were all seen grooving to songs in front of the DJ booth at the event. V was seen vibing to Indian music which had surprised Desi fans. The clips were all over the internet as they evidently enjoyed the event. 

Kang Daniel and Park Seo Joon’s recent activities

The singer-actor is currently appearing as an anchor on the second season of the popular dance battle show called Street Woman Fighter 2. Park Seo Joon was recently spotted at the Toronto International Film Festival where his recently released film Concrete Utopia was screened. This thriller film based on a catastrophic story features actors like Park Bo Young, Lee Byun Hun, and many more. 

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