From Keeping Cardio On His List To Doing Squats, Pushups & Other Bodyweight Exercises, Here’s How This Gorgeous-Looking Actor Keeps His Physique Sculpted!

Secret Behind Park Seo Joon’s Sculpted Physique Is A Proper Gym Regime! (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Park Seo Joon is a celebrated name in the South Korean entertainment industry. He has already carved a niche for himself, and apart from his acting skills, the actor is also known for having a delicious physique and gorgeous looks. Today, we will be talking about the secret behind the sculpted figure and his workout regime. Scroll ahead to get the scoop.

PSJ has a massive fanbase, and it’s nothing new that the ratio of female fans is more than that of male ones. Being one of the wealthiest South Korean actors, the Dream actor knows how to live life luxuriously.

For those who don’t know, Park Seo Joon’s growing massive personality has even earned him a Hollywood project under the Marvel umbrella. He will be next seen in The Marvels, beside Brie Larson.

Now, coming back to her absolutely proportionate physique, which gives a meltdown to many women. Park Seo Joon is a gym enthusiast, and he takes his time out of his busy schedule to hit the gym every now and then. He also likes to build his muscles, which is why he includes weight lifting in his workout regime.

PSJ’s Cardio routine

Park Seo Joon had given a glimpse of his morning cardio routine when he had appeared in Youn’s Kitchen. He was seen running through the shoreline.

Park Seo Joon’s Bodyweight Training

Remember back when the Dream star had shared a vlog on his channel “Record Park’s’ and showed his workout routine in the video while he was enjoying a stay in Bali? He had included a mix of squats, pull-ups, and lifting weights – perfect!

A Stretch In A Day Keeps Muscle Pains Away!

Well, the Parasite actor was seen stretching before beginning his morning routine in the Youn’s Kitchen video.

Well, that’s not it. Back in 2018, Park Seo Joon talked about how he focused on his weight training for his character in The Divine Fury. At the premiere, he had said, as quoted in Koreaboo, “I didn’t have much time to build my body. I made an effort to show the maximum within a short period of time. Fortunately, I’ve played the character of a martial artist on KBS 2TV’s Fight for My Way so my body remembered (the moves). So I was able to improve my body condition within a relatively short period of time.” He further added, “I spent 8 hours a day on training at that time as well and I kept exercising this time too. I maintained my body by consistently working out until finishing the film.”

Well, that’s what Park Seo Joon is for you, and that is the secret behind his chiselled figure. We are in awe. Are you?

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