5 Best Sites To Buy Facebook Views

In the era of digital technology, the influence of social media cannot be emphasized enough. From a personal brand to a multinational company, everyone is vying for attention on platforms like Facebook. One metric that often captures this attention is the number of views your content receives. High view counts can drastically improve your online credibility and attract organic engagement. However, not everyone has the time or resources to grow these numbers organically. This is where the purchase of Facebook views becomes relevant.

Buying Facebook views can be a quick and effective way to boost your social proof, and today, we’ll take you through the top five websites where you can safely make this happen. But remember, while buying views can give you a quick boost, it should be part of a broader, long-term strategy for genuine engagement.

1. Stormlikes

Stormlikes offers a unique approach by not just delivering views, but also offering more comprehensive social media services like followers and likes. Their emphasis is on providing holistic solutions for brands looking to elevate their social media profiles across the board. The platform is also reputed for delivering only high-quality, genuine-looking views, although this can sometimes result in slower delivery times. 

Stormlikes are very transparent about their process, which adds a layer of trust but might come across as too complex for users who are new to buying views.


  • Comprehensive Service: If you’re looking to create a cohesive online presence across multiple platforms, Stormlikes.net is ideal.
  • Quality Control: Despite their range of services, they maintain a high standard for each engagement type.
  • Guided Support: They offer a dedicated account manager who can guide you through your social media optimization journey.


  • Price Points: Multi-platform quality comes at a cost, making this one of the pricier options.
  • Complex Options: Their wide array of services may confuse first-time buyers looking for a simple view-boosting solution.

2. Social-Viral

Social-Viral has built a reputation for fast and efficient service. Specializing in immediate delivery, the site is ideal for those looking to quickly boost their Facebook views for a particular campaign. The platform offers a range of customizable packages, giving users a variety of choices depending on their needs and budget. 

One of the key advantages of Social-Viral is its use of real profiles to generate views, making the service safer and more effective than those that offer bot-generated views. The downside could be a lack of advanced targeting options for the views they provide.


  • Low Barrier of Entry: Their affordable packages make it easy for anyone to start boosting their Facebook metrics.
  • Multi-Engagement Packages: From views to likes and shares, you can get all your Facebook engagement metrics in one place.
  • User-Friendly: The website offers a smooth user experience, making it easy even for non-tech-savvy users to make a purchase.


  • Variable Quality: While affordable, some users report that the quality of views is not consistently high.
  • Delivery Delays: Because of their lower prices, the platform often faces high demand, leading to occasional delays in delivery.

3. Likes.io

Likes.io focuses on utilizing smart algorithms to increase your Facebook views, which means they do some pretty detailed targeting. The service prides itself on using machine learning algorithms to ensure that the views are not just high in number but are also likely to result in increased engagement. It’s a great platform for those who are looking for something more than just a superficial boost in numbers. The service provides various packages to suit different needs and budgets, but the complexity of their algorithms may be overkill for someone looking to simply increase their view count without a broader strategy.


  • Quality Assurance: Smart targeting means you’re likely to get high-quality, relevant views.
  • Transparency and Trust: With Likes.io, you don’t have to worry about hidden charges. What’s visible is what you’ll be charged for.


  • Longer Delivery Times: Smart targeting takes time, which means you might wait longer to see results.
  • Higher Cost: Advanced features come at a premium, making Likes.io one of the more expensive options.

4. Stormviews.net

Stormviews.net is a high-profile service in the social media marketing industry, known for its emphasis on quality and safety. This platform stands out for its compliance with Facebook’s terms of service, giving users a sense of security when making a purchase. It’s particularly noted for delivering views that are realistic and high-retaining, meaning that the views you gain don’t just spike your numbers but also positively influence your engagement metrics. 

The platform also boasts a robust customer support system that’s available 24/7, providing real-time assistance for any issues that may arise. However, one downside might be their pricing structure, which can be on the higher end compared to other services in the market.


  • Tailored Packages: Stormviews offers tailored packages, giving you the flexibility to buy as many views as you need without overspending.
  • Safety Measures: The site has robust safety protocols, ensuring your transactions are secure and your Facebook account is not at risk.
  • Customer Retention: They also offer a retention guarantee for their views, assuring you that the numbers won’t suddenly drop.


  • Premium Pricing: Their focus on quality often translates to higher pricing, which might be a constraint for small businesses or individuals.
  • Limited to Facebook: If you’re looking to optimize other social media platforms, Stormviews.net may not be your one-stop solution.

5. Twicsy.net

Twicsy is a versatile service that specializes in boosting your Facebook profile by providing a host of different engagement types, from views and likes to followers. What sets them apart is their network of social media influencers who promote your content, making the views appear more organic. However, because they use real influencers, the service can be quite expensive, especially for small businesses or individual users on a budget. Yet, for those willing to invest, the quality of service is often superior, providing a level of organic engagement that few other platforms can match.


  • Influencer Boost: The influencer-generated views are more likely to be of high quality and to mimic organic engagement patterns.
  • Wide Range: In addition to Facebook, they offer services for several other social media platforms, providing a comprehensive social media strategy.


  • Premium Pricing: Using real influencers means higher costs, possibly restricting this service to those with a higher budget.
  • Multiple Options: The array of services on offer can be confusing for someone new to the world of social media optimization.

Is It Safe to Buy Facebook Views?

The question of safety is an issue that can’t be overlooked when considering the acquisition of Facebook views. With a plethora of services available, determining which are reputable can be a real challenge. The good news is that several platforms, including the ones mentioned like Stormviews.net and Likes.io, adhere strictly to Facebook’s terms of service. These platforms focus on delivering high-quality, authentic-looking views, thereby mitigating the risk of getting your account flagged or penalized.

One of the key ways they maintain safety is through gradual delivery of views. An instant surge can alert platform algorithms, but spreading the delivery over a period mimics natural growth and tends to pass under the radar. Furthermore, these platforms use secure payment gateways, often complying with PCI DSS standards, to protect your financial information.

However, you should not solely rely on the website’s assurances. Always check customer reviews, inquire about their service policies, and perhaps even test with a smaller package before buying in bulk. A careful approach will save you not just money but also the credibility of your Facebook account.

How Can Buying Facebook Views Benefit My Business?

The potential benefits of purchasing Facebook views are manifold but require contextual understanding. At the very first glance, a video with a high number of views tends to attract more attention. It is the classic “crowd draws a crowd” phenomenon; people are more likely to view content that appears popular. This can provide your brand or business with instant credibility and attractiveness. Furthermore, a higher view count can result in your video appearing in suggested lists, thereby reaching an audience that you might not have tapped into otherwise.

But where many people go wrong is assuming that purchased views are a magic bullet. They are not. They are best seen as a supplementary strategy rather than a core one. Your focus should always be on creating high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your target audience. Bought views can bring people to your video, but only compelling content will get them to stay, engage, and convert. Therefore, view buying should be integrated into a broader, more comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes content creation, audience engagement, and brand building.

What Are the Payment Options and Are There Any Hidden Costs?

When it comes to financial transactions online, especially for services like these, the question of hidden costs and payment methods becomes pertinent. Most reputable services offer a multitude of payment options, ranging from credit cards and PayPal to digital currencies like Bitcoin. This flexibility allows users from different geographical locations and financial preferences to easily avail of their services.

But what about hidden costs? This is where transparency plays a pivotal role. Services like Twicsy.net and Social-Viral.com are generally upfront about their pricing. What you see on their package list is most likely what you’ll be charged. However, you should always scrutinize the terms and conditions. Look for clauses related to possible additional charges, automatic renewals, or other cost-related conditions that may not be immediately obvious. Also, it’s beneficial to read user reviews or third-party analyses which might reveal whether the company has a history of charging additional fees.

This thorough research beforehand can save you from unwelcome financial surprises later. Always remember, the cheapest service is not necessarily the best, and the most expensive one may offer services that are overkill for what you need. The best approach is a balanced one, considering both cost and value.

Will Buying Facebook Views Improve My Organic Reach?

The potential for buying Facebook views to improve your organic reach is a nuanced topic. On one hand, having a high number of views on your videos can make your content appear more popular and credible, which can, in turn, attract more organic viewers. When people see that a video has a high view count, they are more likely to click on it out of curiosity or perceived value. However, it’s essential to note that purchased views are typically not a long-term strategy for organic growth. 

They can act as a ‘kick-starter’ to get your content noticed, but they won’t replace the need for high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your target audience. For long-term success, use purchased views in conjunction with a comprehensive, well-planned social media marketing strategy that includes consistent posting, audience engagement, and analytics tracking. Remember, while bought views can give your videos an initial boost, sustaining and growing your audience organically requires more effort and strategic planning.


Buying Facebook views can be a powerful tool for increasing visibility, bolstering credibility, and kick-starting engagement on your videos. The key is to choose a reputable service that not only adheres to Facebook’s terms of service but also offers high-quality, genuine-looking views that enhance, rather than detract from, your online presence. As discussed, platforms like Stormviews.net, Social-Viral.com, Stormlikes.net, Likes.io, and Twicsy.net each bring their unique offerings to the table, ranging from speedy delivery and advanced targeting to comprehensive social media solutions. However, it’s essential to remember that buying views should not replace a well-rounded social media strategy but should rather complement it. For optimal impact, combine this tactic with high-quality content and authentic engagement to build a robust, lasting online presence.


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