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Firestarter SEO has managed search engine optimization and other marketing strategies for an energy company. Their tactics have helped the client rank for 45 keywords on the first pages, resulting in increased organic traffic and leads. Their responsive communication style and professional approach have made them a trusted partner. They are also cost-conscious and dependable.


Keyword Research

Firestarter SEO Denver has been able to deploy customized SEO solutions that have significantly improved the client’s Google rankings and acquisition rates within a short period. The team is also dependable, adaptable, and budget-oriented. They can provide high-quality deliverables that reflect the client’s vision and priorities.

After two previous vendors rendered their sites unusable, SEO helped this medical practice revamp and relaunch its website. They now manage ongoing SEO and PPC efforts, resulting in 500-600 new patients annually. The team’s communication skills, technical expertise, and time-conscious approach distinguish them from their competitors. They continue to impress with their dedication and transparency. They have a smooth project management style and are available to meet weekly. It has led to a seamless partnership.

On-Site Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals improve a website’s content and structure using various on-site SEO techniques. It includes optimizing headers, title tags, meta descriptions, structured data, and images. These on-page factors are what Google can control, as opposed to off-page SEO, like link building.

When done right, on-page SEO can help improve your site’s ranking and user experience. However, it’s more challenging than some may make it sound.

After two previous vendors rendered the client’s website unusable, SEO remedied the errors and relaunched the site. The team now manages targeted SEO campaigns and PPC initiatives to expand brand recognition. Their smooth project management, transparency, and reasonable price point continue to impress. As a result, the client’s 45 keywords are currently ranking on the first page. It has significantly boosted organic traffic and revenue. The partnership has also led to a significant increase in online lead generation. It is an excellent ROI for their investment.

Localized Search

Local search is a gateway to online visibility for businesses that serve a specific geographic area. It involves letting Google know — through various signals like on-site SEO, social media and links, and review sites — that your business is located in an area you serve.

The localized search uses search engine optimization best practices to improve organic traffic from searches performed by customers in the local area (for example, “Pizza near me”). It can also incorporate internal or external social profiles, reviews of the business, and other ranking factors like keyword relevancy and distance from the user’s geographical center point.

Some business types rely heavily on local search marketing, including cruise lines, ski resorts, car rental agencies, and campgrounds. However, some enterprises, such as financial advisors, consultants, regional hospitals, and household movers, draw clientele from both locally and farther away. For these, the localized search may be more of a supplement to their traditional online marketing strategies.

Content Marketing

The right tools must back a company’s marketing strategies and campaigns. Grammarly helps spot mechanical errors in blog posts or copy, while Canva makes generating beautiful, professional-looking visuals easy. And for keeping track of all that data, a tool like Airtable is essential.

Developing content marketing goals starts with determining what your audience wants to know or experience. Often, this involves creating buyer personas and understanding how each stage of the buyer journey affects customer conversion rates.

For example, a business that sells blenders could develop a blog series dedicated to food and drink recipes that could be used with a blender. By becoming a trusted resource, the business would likely drive traffic to its website and lower its Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). It is the kind of value that content marketing provides to companies. It reduces the need for sales and marketing departments to focus on new clients, thus boosting productivity and lowering costs.

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