Park Seo-joon apologises following controversy over refusing to wear a headband

Park Seo-joon is currently busy with the promotions of his upcoming movie ‘Concrete Utopia’ and landed in an untoward situation at an event.

A video going viral on the internet features a co-star offering a headband to Park Seo-joon, who refused to wear it. The actor faced a lot of backlash for upsetting the fan. Breaking silence over the controversy, Park Seo-joon took to his official fan cafe and apologised to his admirers.

Explaining the reason for his behaviour, the actor wrote, “In truth, I sweat a lot during stage greetings. Some fans like my hair down, and some like it up, so today, I decided to put my hair up because it’s easier to wipe off my sweat that way. I sprayed a lot of hairspray in the morning and fixed my hair so firmly that it wouldn’t move even if I tried. In that state, if I put anything in my hair, it hurt my scalp a lot.”

He further stated, “It may sound like an excuse, but I’m sure you know that I usually don’t hesitate to do stuff [like wear headbands]. Many people said it was probably embarrassing for Bo Young to stand there holding the headband, but I didn’t think of that item as mine. I thought it was Bo Young’s gift from Bo Young’s fan and that if I took it, they might be offended. I think there was a misunderstanding.” Park Seo-joon also added that it is because of his fans, he is “not afraid of anything.”
‘Concrete Utopia’ is a disaster thriller, scheduled for release on August 9.

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