The Ultimate High CPC Keywords List for Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an effective digital marketing strategy that enables businesses to get their ads placed in front of a targeted audience. With PPC, advertisers pay a fee each time a user clicks on their ad. In PPC advertising, selecting the right keywords is crucial to achieving success. High CPC (cost-per-click) keywords are those that generate significant ad revenue while costing more per click.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of high CPC keywords that are popular across different industries and niches. Our aim is to help businesses optimize their PPC campaigns and drive more traffic to their websites.

What are High CPC Keywords?

High CPC keywords are those that cost more per click. The factors that influence the cost of a keyword include its relevance, competitiveness, and search volume. In most cases, high CPC keywords are associated with lucrative niches such as finance, insurance, and law. These niches are highly competitive and attract a significant number of advertisers, which drives up the cost of keywords.

Advertisers who invest in high CPC keywords can expect to generate more revenue per click. However, they also need to be prepared to invest more in their PPC campaigns. Ultimately, the success of PPC advertising depends on finding a balance between cost and revenue.

Top High CPC Keywords List

The following are the top high CPC keywords across different industries:


  • Insurance – Insurance is one of the most lucrative niches in the financial industry. Keywords such as “car insurance,” “health insurance,” and “life insurance” can cost between $10 and $50 per click.
  • Mortgage – Mortgage keywords such as “mortgage rates,” “refinance mortgage,” and “home equity loan” can cost up to $40 per click.
  • Personal Loans – Personal loan keywords such as “personal loans,” “secured loans,” and “unsecured loans” can cost between $15 and $25 per click.
  • Credit Cards – Credit card keywords such as “credit card offers,” “balance transfer credit cards,” and “rewards credit cards” can cost up to $20 per click.

Health and Beauty

  • Diet and Nutrition – Keywords related to diet and nutrition such as “weight loss,” “nutrition,” and “healthy eating” can cost up to $8 per click.
  • Beauty and Skincare – Keywords related to beauty and skincare such as “anti-aging,” “skincare products,” and “natural beauty” can cost up to $2 per click.
  • Cosmetic Surgery – Keywords related to cosmetic surgery such as “breast implants,” “liposuction,” and “rhinoplasty” can cost up to $12 per click.

Real Estate

  • Real Estate – Keywords related to real estate such as “real estate agents,” “homes for sale,” and “mortgage rates” can cost up to $5 per click.
  • Property Management – Keywords related to property management such as “property management software,” “property management companies,” and “property manager salary” can cost up to $3 per click.
  • Rentals – Keywords related to rentals such as “apartments for rent,” “houses for rent,” and “rental cars” can cost up to $5 per click.


  • Lawyers – Keywords related to lawyers such as “personal injury lawyers,” “divorce lawyers,” and “DUI lawyers” can cost up to $20 per click.
  • Criminal Defense – Keywords related to criminal defense such as “criminal defense attorney,” “dui lawyer,” and “criminal lawyer” can cost up to $30 per click.
  • Family Law – Keywords related to family law such as “family law attorneys,” “child custody,” and “divorce attorney” can cost up to $20 per click.


  • Software – Keywords related to software such as “software development,” “software engineering,” and “software testing” can cost up to $10 per click.
  • Cloud Computing – Keywords related to cloud computing such as “cloud storage,” “cloud solutions,” and “cloud migration” can cost up to $15 per click.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Keywords related to artificial intelligence such as “AI technology,” “machine learning,” and “natural language processing” can cost up to $8 per click.


  • Online Education – Keywords related to online education such as “online courses,” “online degrees,” and “eLearning” can cost up to $25 per click.
  • Adult Education – Keywords related to adult education such as “continuing education,” “adult education programs,” and “vocational training” can cost up to $12 per click.
  • College – Keywords related to college such as “college rankings,” “college tuition,” and “college scholarships” can cost up to $20 per click.

High CPC keywords can help businesses drive more traffic to their websites and generate significant ad revenue. However, they also require significant investment in PPC advertising. In selecting high CPC keywords, businesses need to consider the relevance of the keyword to their niche, its competitiveness, and its search volume. The top high CPC keywords across different industries and niches range from finance, health, and beauty to real estate, legal, technology, and education. By investing in high CPC keywords, businesses can gain a competitive edge and achieve success in their digital marketing campaigns.

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