The Complete Social Media Optimization Checklist for Agencies

2. Say it right: Establish your brand voice

Businesses have a better chance of standing out from the crowd when they have a distinct, memorable voice. The brand voice should be a unique, consistent tone and style of communicating that resonates with the target audience defined in Step 1 and amplifies the brand’s message.

Not sure how to establish a brand voice for your client? A helpful exercise is to imagine their brand as a person.

Would they be serious or playful?

Formal or casual?

Cheeky or supportive?

Duolingo is an example of a brand that leans into a cheeky, even slightly edgy, brand voice that regularly gets its audience laughing.


This voice should match the expectations of the target audience and remain consistent across all platforms. It’s worth noting that each social media platform has its own culture and norms. From a social media optimization perspective, it makes sense to respect these. However, the brand voice should still be recognizable, even if it’s adapted to be, say, more professional on LinkedIn and more conversational on Twitter.

Establishing a distinctive, recognizable, and reliable brand voice helps in strengthening brand identity, fostering trust, and most importantly, setting your client apart from the competition.

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