How is AI changing the game in SEO and digital writing?

AI has become a lot more than just a buzzword in the last few months – it has sparked a global response in the form of outrage, excitement and anxiety.

Wasanga Mehana was in conversation with Jemma Pringle, SEO/UX Copywriter explaining how AI has revolutionised her industry.

How Jemma understands AI to work; It sucks all the knowledge from the internet, so it is your responsibility to check the content for plagiarism as the information shared through AI could be someone else’s work that was uploaded to the internet.

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Many, many people feel… especially in the writing force, they feel like AI is going to either take their jobs or plagiarise content in such a way that it causes harm to their actual work.

Jemma Pringle – SEO/UX Copywriter

On the lighter side – AI promises to lighten the load for many workers in various industries, that will benefit from having a machine on hand that is able to handle mundane tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming.

…that’s the biggest change…AI has helped in terms of copywriting and is speeding up the process. You are not going to sit and tediously spend hours on research when the AI can sum it up and put it in one place and you can just fact-check it.

Jemma Pringle – SEO/UX Copywriter

Many companies have started embracing the technology – some have been doing so for the last few years.

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