Amy Toman’s History & Passion With Local & Small Businesses

Amy Toman’s History & Passion With Local & Small Businesses

Amy Toman and I met at a beach in New Jersey on a stormy rainy day, because we wanted to be weather reporters. Amy is a local SEO specialist at Digital Law Marketing and is also a Google Product Expert for Google Business Profiles.

Amy told us her history, being born in Brooklyn but not having a strong Brooklyn accent. She has always been around digital marketing, she sent her first email pre-1990 and her kids were always online. Several years ago, she started her own agency after people continued to ask her for help and advice with SEO and marketing. Now she is at an agency doing her local SEO thing.

She worked for a pet care website and organically she got into helping really small businesses with online local marketing. She is super passionate about helping small local businesses.

Her colleague encourages her to go to the Google forums to learn and ask questions and that is where she became much more interested in local SEO and Google Business Profiles. She works now at Digital Law Marketing which does legal marketing and she is in love with her company and her team.

To learn more about Amy, you can follow her on Twitter @BubblesUp and on LinkedIn.

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