The Forbidden Marriage – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Forbidden Marriage – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Hidden World

Episode 7 of The Forbidden Marriage begins with Shin-won and the King teaming as much as rescue So-rang. They rescue the kidnapped women however So-rang is lacking. One of the ladies tells the lads that So-rang stored shouting on the slavers whereas Hae-young was crying earlier than they have been taken away.

Chun-seok finds a stone and in true Hansel-and-Gretel-manner realises that Hae-young left vibrant stones that he had gifted her to the place she was taken. Turns out the ladies are being offered as wives to males within the metropolis and Hae-young is taken to the home of the mysterious Um Gye-woon. 

While looking, Painter Jeong and Chun-seok come throughout Gye-woon. He permits them to look his home the place Jeong finds one other stone. They discover Hae-young hidden amongst a sack of grains however Gye-woon threatens them. Just as he’s about to kill the three, the King and Shin-won save them. 

So-rang is taken to Jo and Lady Seo. She desires to kill So-rang instantly however Minister Jo stops her as he desires her demise to be so tragic that the King will abdicate his throne. When she insists, Jo sends for the queen-killer Na Sang-ju. Lady Seo additionally reveals that she is the one who ordered the ladies’s kidnapping and this time she desires Jo to kidnap girls from the bride choice in order that her daughter may have a greater likelihood of turning into the King’s bride.

The King investigates Gye-woon and finds it suspicious that Jo’s males haven’t been stopping the kidnappings. They discover the key headquarters of Minister Jo and Lady Seo and Sang-ju involves warn the 2. Before they depart, Seo orders him to take and kill So-rang. But Sang-ju and his males are stopped by some bandits at Mount Shinheung who combat them. In the confusion, a person kidnaps So-rang who pretends to be unconscious. On listening to the information, the King and Shin-won race to the mountain.

The subsequent morning, on the palace, Minister Jo clashes with Eunuch Se-jang and Court Lady Won who tells him that the King is sick and in mattress. But Jo suspects that the King can also be looking for So-rang. Court Lady Won clothes Eunuch Se-jang because the King and hides him in mattress to idiot Minister Jo. The doctor is confused however Jo confirms his suspicions that the King isn’t within the palace.

So-rang wakes up among the many bandits and meets their chief. He introduces himself because the village chief Ban Ran-tan and that they’re in Gongnyang village. He explains that his individuals have been rescuing the kidnapped girls who select to stick with them since their secret village permits marriages. However, he doesn’t permit So-rang to go away until he can belief that she received’t inform the palace in regards to the village.

She tries to persuade the village that she is reliable by predicting the marital compatibility of the {couples} current. The villagers chuckle at her antics as she blends in simply. The King’s males discover the village and so they assume So-rang is being threatened by the villagers. Shin-won tries to cease the King however he storms in alone. Shin-won begrudgingly follows. So-rang tries to inform them to go away however they don’t get the trace. The King and Shin-won are outnumbered and tied up. 

At Jo’s workplace, he plans with Minister Kwon to benefit from the King’s emptiness and instantly convey a royal relative they’ll management and put him on the throne. Jo plans to kill the King whereas he’s looking for So-rang and blame the bandits.

Meanwhile, the village chief Ran-tan is livid with So-rang who acts possessed to get out of the state of affairs. She pretends to be Ran-tan’s useless sister Ran-hee and will get him to belief her, the King and Shin-won. Ran-tan tells the King in regards to the function of the village who observes a cheerful So-rang taking part in with youngsters, the escaped wives of Gye-woon and a wedding.

The bandits need So-rang to learn their marriage compatibility and she or he claims that the King is the Head Eunuch and can set them on blind dates with the court docket women who would in any other case be single after they depart the palace. While they’re bantering, backup royal troopers encompass the village. Before a combat can erupt within the village, the King proclaims his presence and stops the guards. However, Sang-ju seems together with his assassins and assaults.

At the palace, Minister Kwon spreads the hearsay that the King has disappeared. Minister Jo tells the opposite ministers that they need to fill the vacant throne. But earlier than he can go any additional, the King seems. He taunts Jo and asks if he desires him useless. 

In a flashback, we see that the bandits and the King’s troopers simply vanquished Jo’s assassins. But Sang-ju escapes. Ran-tan apologizes for his rudeness and asks that solely he be arrested as the remainder of the villagers are harmless. The King declares that he’ll withdraw the wedding ban in a yr and that the village won’t be charged. So-rang thanks Ran-tan for every thing and so they depart.

At court docket, the King discovers that tons of petitions relating to the kidnappings by no means made it to him and have been rejected by Jo’s division – Police Bureau. He decides to make use of this to remove the case and offers it to Shin-won’s division, the Department of Justice. 

Shin-won ransacks Jo’s workplace and dismisses his officers. The King goes by means of the paperwork taken from Jo however his thoughts is on the villagers, the blind date and the wedding ban. Minister Sul-rok asks him why he ran out with rage on listening to of So-rang’s abduction and asks if the King likes her. The King is flustered and brushes it apart. 

Court Lady Won additionally tells So-rang how the King was sick however he instantly ran to her rescue. So-rang is then stopped by Shin-won who asks her if she was faking it when she was possessed by Ran-tan’s sister. We see that earlier than the chief gave So-rang a tour, she noticed his diary the place he was writing about his sister which is how she knew about Ran-hee. And in a while, Shin-won additionally noticed the identical diary after they vanquished Sang-ju’s males. So-rang claims that she solely pretended that one time however when Shin-won asks her to come back clear, she leaves. 

In the King’s quarters, he asks Minister Sul-rok what it means to love somebody. As Sul-rok describes love, the King retains fascinated with So-rang. But he tries to deflect by claiming that she is on his thoughts as a result of she is clumsy and everywhere.

The Grand Queen Mother requires the King however when he doesn’t come, she meets So-rang and asks if she was the explanation why the King disappeared.

So-rang then goes to him whereas he takes a shower and he’s shocked to see her. She thanks him for rescuing her. He as an alternative thanks her for displaying him the world outdoors his palace. They out of the blue really feel awkward however the King doesn’t need her to go away. He remembers Sul-rok’s phrases about how every thing So-rang does makes his coronary heart race and he realises it’s true. She goes to take away a rose petal caught to his face and he pulls her into the water. She tries to joke that she will see by means of his moist garments however he kisses her.

(*7*)The Episode Review

Episode 7 of The Forbidden Marriage goes again to the lighthearted comedy as even within the midst of being kidnapped, So-rang is her brash self as she tries to barter along with her kidnappers. So-rang thinks her finest guess is to faux and keep unconscious however that solely permits her to be kidnapped a number of instances – not technique for somebody so good!

But when it counts, she is an effective scammer as she deduces that Ran-tan is rescuing kidnapped girls as a result of he couldn’t save his kidnapped sister from a diary entry and makes use of it to free the King and Shin-won and depart the village.

However, the extent of hazard appears to have elevated as Minister Jo and Lady Seo go from slight inconveniences to critical threats. But their motives appear to conflict which makes it a really precarious pairing. Seo desires her daughter to marry King Heon so she turns into queen. But Jo was by no means focused on lifting the ban and desires a brand new King so how would Seo profit if her future son-in-law is deposed or if the ban is rarely lifted?

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