‘Jung_E’ on Netflix: That Gut-Wrenching Ending Explained

With its AI robots, Blade Runner-like world and opening motion sequence, you are in all probability not anticipating Netflix’s Jung_E to emotionally wallop you within the chest.

From Yeon Sang-ho, director of 2016 zombie horror Train to Busan, this sci-fi thriller follows a researcher and her staff as they try to search out the important thing to creating the best AI fight robotic. A secret connection to the check topic and moral questions of cloning human consciousness add problems. But primarily it is a heartfelt story a couple of mother-daughter relationship navigating a war-torn, dystopian Earth.

The ending of Jung_E, defined

In the 12 months 2135, local weather change and depleted assets have led humanity to outlive on colony shelters in-built area. For 40 years, three shelters that united because the Adrian Republic have been preventing Earth’s Allied Forces.

Legendary Allied mercenary Captain Yun Jung-yi joins a mission to assault a gasoline rod in an Adrian shelter. She has an opportunity to make an important shot however is distracted by a youngsters’s keychain. Her hand is shot, revealing that she’s additionally actually a robotic.

Yun shuts down, and it is revealed that she’s in a simulation. Thirty-five years beforehand, the actual Yun failed the mission and ended up in a coma. A Kronoid Lab analysis staff, led by Yun’s daughter Dr. Yun Seo-hyun, cloned her consciousness, which will be repeatedly uploaded into androids.

A scientist in a lab looking out at something

Dr. Yun Seo-hyun, Captain Yun’s daughter.


For 5 years, they’ve been learning Captain Yun’s mind map in a recreation of her closing mission, making an attempt to make use of the information to create the best AI fight robotic. Once the android is ready to escape the simulation, the “Jung_E” program shall be finalized. Then, Kronoid intends to fabricate the elite, loyal fight robotic for the Allied Forces to achieve a profitable benefit. It may also make Captain Yun an “everlasting hero.”

In a flashback, it is revealed that Captain Yun turned a mercenary to pay for her daughter Seo-hyun’s lung tumor remedy. On the identical day as Seo-hyun’s surgical procedure, Captain Yun ended up in a coma. As an grownup, Seo-hyun nonetheless feels responsible that, due to her, her mom could not reside her life.

After an ethics check to test she’s not an android, a physician reveals that Seo-hyun’s most cancers has now unfold to the remainder of her organs. She’s instructed she has three months to reside. She might copy her consciousness right into a prosthetic physique free of charge, similar to her mom, however this might additionally imply her mind information will be bought to corporations and used to make clones.

Captain Yun and her mother seeing Seo-hyun into surgery

Captain Yun seeing Seo-hyun into surgical procedure.


On a go to to the lab, Kronoid Chairman informs Seo-hyun that the Adrian War is coming to an finish and that weapons manufacturing, together with of the fight AIs, will stop. In an interview with Seo-hyun, Jung_E reveals the keychain that distracted her was given to her by her daughter for power and safety. She needed to discover it as a result of her daughter instructed her to not lose it. Realizing that is what brought about her to fail her mission, Seo-hyun deletes all reminiscence of herself from Jung_E’s mind.

Before the simulations are dropped at an finish, Seo-hyun tells the final Jung_E android the reality of who she is, deleting another unique information in order that it may now not be used to create extra Kronoid merchandise, together with Captain Yun intercourse dolls.

In the ultimate simulation, Jung_E seems to be shot lifeless, however when her physique is taken to be destroyed, she escapes due to Seo-hyun’s steering. Seo-hyun transfers her mind right into a primary android they usually depart on a prepare. In a battle with Director Kim, who is absolutely an android of the younger Kronoid chairman, Seo-hyun is shot. After Kim is killed, Seo-hyun tells Jung_E to depart her behind and reside just for herself. Jung_E escapes and, now freed from the lab’s simulations, seems out onto an unlimited, open mountainous panorama.

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