Alchemy of Souls season 1, episode 18 recap


An intense, typically breathtaking episode that thrives in its restricted use of places.

This recap of the Netflix Ok-Drama Alchemy of Souls season 1, episode 18, accommodates spoilers. 

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As Park Jin vocalises his curiosity over Mu-deok’s settlement to die, we return to the occasions of yesterday’s episode. Here, Jin Mu tells the Queen to make use of the ice stone’s energy to soul shift in order that she will not be beneath suspicion, which in flip would additionally assist put an finish to the Unanimous Assembly and permit the shady characters to exit Songrim with their desired merchandise. Then, the revelation that Mu-deok is Bu-yeon will get replayed, as we see that the lady as soon as presumed to be a meek maid has gained management of the ice stone. With chaos ensuing, So-i decides to strike, hoping to make sure that her façade just isn’t uncovered. Yet all that comes of the occasion is the disappearance of Mu-deok, the pretend Bu-yeon, and the ice stone itself.

Alchemy of Souls season 1, episode 18 recap

Angered, Jin Mu wonders the place the merchandise has bought to, permitting himself to be completely confused by the state of affairs. Meanwhile, Jang Uk and co. additionally discover themselves trying to piece collectively what unfolded till they’re interrupted by the “fairy” Yun-ok. Soon, dubiety persists as soon as extra, with the younger grasp puzzled by the looks of flowers amidst the pretend fog that masks the power hidden behind it. Seo Yul deduces that this all means that there’s a barrier round Jeongjingak, which we later discover out is because of the ice stone’s power coming into the world. There’s one other nugget too, that each Mu-deok and So-i seem high quality, even when the latter is considerably shaken. Outside, Jinyowon are blamed for what is occurring, an accusation that isn’t essentially useful given the continued panic over who’s trapped contained in the barrier.

When the Crown Prince questions So-i about what occurred on the coaching centre, the swindler feigns ignorance, skimming over the affect of Mu-deok to keep away from being caught in a entice. It’s not essentially the most convincing account, with the pretend Bu-yeon trying to assert that she fainted when the wind struck, and doesn’t know the place she is as a result of of her blindness, however Mu-deok intervenes to stop suspicion, pointing to the truth that the interrogated girl is wanting reasonably pale. As such, So-i is allowed to relaxation, but we hear within the background Seo Yul’s vocal pondering on what’s being hidden.

Realising that Mu-deok should know the reality, Jang Uk switches consideration onto his maid, permitting her to be questioned by the Crown Prince. However, excuses over her whereabouts surprisingly land with none doubts from these gathered, leaving the previous murderer firmly within the clear for now. Later on although, we see that Mu-deok has had her powers returned, and is greater than keen to make use of them for a easy job like making tea.

Next, Mu-deok displays on what allowed her to regain her energy. It was, as anticipated, a dialog with Bu-yeon contained in the ice stone that helped, but there’s a warning that the merchandise can’t be totally owned, simply its energy used. Additionally, the previous murderer is knowledgeable that she must “endure” the implications of overwhelming energy, the likes of which trigger a flood when a want for rain emerges, nevertheless it seems like Naksu is up for the problem. With that being mentioned, it’s clear that Mu-deok just isn’t fairly conscious that she is Bu-yeon.

After Mu-deok humorously daydreams in regards to the our bodies she will inherit as soon as capable of soul shift, she returns to Jang Uk, dropping on him the bombshell that that is the tip of the street for the duo. Confessing that she has regained her powers, along with the very fact she plans to maneuver her soul’s location, Naksu places an finish to any discuss of a future between her and the younger grasp, keen to sacrifice their relationship for her energy.

However, we quickly see that this was all a hypothetical interplay, and the true one goes nothing prefer it was meant to. Instead, Mu-deok finds herself shocked at her pupil’s realisation that they’re presently within the ice stone, alongside his dedication to try to steal the merchandise with out anybody understanding. Then, Jang Uk reassures that he’s keen to take accountability if Naksu ever ran away with the ice stone as soon as regaining her powers (he doesn’t presently know that she already has), however does admit that he’s afraid of being left by the particular person he loves. “Please don’t abandon me. If you do, I’ll cry a river,” the younger grasp states, flustering his pseudo-maid into what seems to be a confession.

Yet, it’s not allowed to return. Unfortunately for Mu-deok, Lady Heo has arrived on the scene with the important thing to the room of forbidden books, the place Jang Uk needs to search for some info on sorcery. So the previous murderer is left alone, seemingly caught in some form of remorse. Elsewhere, Heo Yeom makes an attempt to keep up calmness exterior of the barrier, although it turns into clear that the respective different members of the Unanimous Assembly are all hatching their very own plans that might see a struggle erupt over the ice stone. As for the King, throughout this time of uncertainty, he stays laser targeted on the upcoming look of the King’s Star.

As Dang-gu and Cho-yeon return to Songrim to grow to be conscious of what’s taking place, we return to So-i. The swindler is apprehensive that she’s going to get caught, solely to ease in her noticeable tenseness when Seo Yul arrives with a honey biscuit. There is a warning given right here, that the genius mage mustn’t inform Jin Mu that the 2 have met earlier than, inflicting Seo Yul to marvel if he has been spared purposefully. With that in thoughts, the following scene demonstrates an understanding between Jang Uk and his good friend that the “pitiful” So-i is being utilized in an analogous vein as Naksu as soon as was. In the background, Master Kang watches because the pretend Bu-yeon wanders off.

Before lengthy, Park Jin is instructed about Kang’s escape, with the chief of Songrim immediately conscious that the soul shifter may very well be contained in the barrier. Then, we reduce to Jeongjingak, the place the monster halts his pursuit of So-i when she tells him that she is conscious of his identification. Quickly stating that they’re on the identical aspect, the swindler provides to search out somebody for Master Kang to steal the power of, kickstarting a makeshift alliance between the pairing that persists past only one fatality. Cunningly, the pretend Bu-yeon does realise a possible profit to the partnership, hoping to make use of it for the disposal of Mu-deok.

Following on from Cha Beom’s power being drained from a sword, one which seems to be affected by the barrier provided that it has the identical impact on the Crown Prince, the group hand their weapons in and agree to not solid any spells whereas inside. Concurrently, Maidservant Kim holds out hope that Jang Gang will return given the fuss going round, one thing that doesn’t seem far fetched provided that the Gwanju is proven to have appeared at (*18*). In their Secret Room, the as soon as disappeared mage displays on his previous with Jin Mu, the place he had instructed him of his plans to destroy the Soul Ejectors, and seal the ice stone in Lake Gyeongcheondaeho. Most importantly, the gwanju internally expresses his regrets at not reducing his assistant’s power circulate off, in addition to the very fact he didn’t come clear. Stood in contemplation of how the ice stone was retrieved, we transfer on.

After Nasku unsheathes her sword, admitting to herself that the one distinction she feels is that she is a soul shifter, the previous murderer debates whether or not she could be taking the opposite mages’ power from them if she took the power of the ice stone. Knowing that this loss of energy would trigger demise to these in Jeongjingak, Mu-deok appears torn on the concept of having to take accountability for such wrongdoings. She is quickly greeted by the Crown Prince too, inflicting some deeper reflection that those that are near her wouldn’t be spared from passing away. As such, Naksu accounts for her woes by gifting the royal a honey biscuit, hoping that it will possibly categorical her gratitude in direction of him aptly. Tenderly, right here there does seem like an unstated acceptance between the 2 that the love the Crown Prince holds in direction of the maid won’t be reciprocated when he knocks again the confectionary.

That evening, So-i duties Mu-deok with fetching her a brand new blanket, understanding that this can lead the true Bu-yeon into Master Kang’s grasp. However, a heat interplay with Seo Yul prevents this, because the genius mage turns into flattered by his non permanent servant’s remembrance of his life/character to the purpose he takes over the duty. So, Mu-deok, who’s dwelling additional on the concept these near her will die if she chooses to empty power, and is trying to rid herself of guilt, is left to search out Jang Uk.

Outside, the Crown Prince notices that the barrier filters what’s allowed to exit whereas desirous about why none of the opposite mages have damaged it down but. Jang Uk is readily available to answer that that is seemingly as a result of everybody else is preventing over the ice stone, earlier than asking the royal if he may nonetheless get rid of Jin Mu and the Queen if he was supplied the facility of the merchandise. Admiring the admittance of greed when the Crown Prince says that it could be “troublesome to say no such grand energy,” the younger grasp is trustworthy too, saying that he would wish to save somebody out of sincerity if he had entry to the ice stone’s power. Following that, the 2 crew as much as ship a stone via the barrier which might notify these exterior of their have to conduct a rescue.

Upon listening to that Seo Yul has gone to get the blankets, So-i rushes to cease her crush from assembly with Master Kang. Confused that the swindler might be able to see, the genius mage stands nonetheless till the soul shifter seems, able to kill. An intense struggle ensues, one which seems to be set to see Seo Yul disposed of till Lady Heo intervenes. Burning the monster doesn’t seem to discourage it, although, as Master Kang quickly wipes the genius mage out, and feeds off the power of two others.

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While Seo Yul is handled, Lady Heo explains the state of affairs to Jang Uk and co., serving to them realise that the ice stone’s presence will increase the facility of soul shifters. Naturally, the younger grasp additionally surmises that Mu-deok’s talents might have returned too. In time, the previous murderer seems to be set to show her recovered energy anyway, as she heads out to return to Jang Uk’s support when discovering out that her pupil has a excessive likelihood of dying as soon as trapping himself and Master Kang inside the key room.

The ending

Noticing blood on the ground, and a closed door which may sign demise, Mu-deok tears up on the potential loss of her scholar. Though composure is quickly regained, because the overwhelming energy of Naksu takes out the monstrous Master Kang with ease. Then, upset returns, till Jang Uk arrives behind the previous murderer, desirous to know why the regaining of energy was hidden from him. Pushing Mu-deok for a solution on what she’s going to do now that the sword is unsheathed, the maid withdraws it, prepared to listen to the younger grasp’s different promise. This, as we see, begins with an emotionally charged kiss, which attracts an finish to the episode.

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