10 Times Female K-Drama Characters Were Total Bosses

K-drama romance tales, love triangles, and shut friendships are typically no match for feminine leads which can be bosses on display. Shows like Hotel Del Luna, The King: Eternal Monarch, and plenty of extra proved that feminine leads do not should look ahead to a male character to return and save them.

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Fans cannot neglect the riveting position of Hong Cha-Young (Jeon Yeo-Been) in Netflix’s Vincenzo. Nothing beats this feminine lawyer when she takes over interrogating a thug that might be tied to her father’s loss of life or when she offers the villains of Babel Group a run for his or her cash. And Cha-Young is not the one feminine lead that has enthralled followers and is tagged as an absolute powerhouse.

10 Jeon-Seol As The Sniper – Chicago Typewriter

Jeon-Seol pointing gun at crazed fan in Chicago Typewriter

From the very first episode of the time travel K-drama, Chicago Typewriter, Jeol-Seol’s (Im Soo-Jung) robust character was rapidly established. In Han Se-Joo’s (Yoo Ah-In) present time interval, a fan is attempting to kill him as a result of his ebook ruined his life. But throughout a blackout, the fan finds himself being held at gunpoint by Jeol-Seol.

What made this scene so impactful is that the drama establishes Jeol-Seol as a resilient and expert marksman. She even scolds the fan saying he’s accountable for his personal life being ruined. Fans get closely invested within the sequence, as scenes from prior timelines parallel one another to point out Jeon-Seol’s life as “The Legendary Sniper.”

9 Kang Soo-Jin Taking On The Pervert On The Bus – True Beauty

Soo-Jin confronting pervert on the bus in True Beauty

While followers got here to dislike Kang Soo-Jin (Park Yoo-Na) as True Beauty progressed, everybody can agree that they thought extremely of her to start with due to her robust and “no-nonsense” demeanor. The finest instance of that is when she realizes a younger man is filming her buddy whereas on the bus.

Like any good buddy, Soo-Jin instills worry within the younger man, however that is not all. What actually made her character stand out is when she chases the younger man out of the bus and onto the road, hellbent on getting him arrested. She even throws her backpack at him. The scene showcased Soo-Jin’s morals and that she’d do no matter it takes for her buddy’s sake.

8 Jo Yi-Seo And The Failed Kiss – Itaewon Class

Yi-Seo stopping a kiss with her hand in Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class is considered one of Netflix’s most popular K-dramas from 2020 and for good purpose. Fans adore the feminine lead character, Jo Yi-Seo (Kim Da-Mi), as she is not a princess and holds her personal. They additionally can not help however be impressed when she singlehandedly decides to intervene in Park Sae-Ro-Yi’s (Park Seo-Joon) love life.

Yi-Seo is in love with Sae-Ro-Yi, however he would not reciprocate her emotions. But that does not cease her when she sees his crush swooping in for a kiss. Yi-Seo sticks her hand in between their lips earlier than they meet and pushes away Yi-Seo. It takes some guts and bravado to do what Yi-Seo did.

7 Yoon Song-Ah’s Breakup – She Would Never Know

Song-Ah breaks up with her ex in She Would Never Know

Yoon Song-Ah’s (Won Jin-A) character experiences one of K-drama’s most common tropes – a horrible breakup. In She Would Never Know, she’s compelled to comprehend that her long-term boyfriend/boss is mendacity and plans to marry another person. But what makes Song-Ah a powerful boss character is how she handles it and her determination to interrupt up along with her boyfriend.

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While being confronted by him, Song-Ah retains a agency voice and states that if he would not know the rationale for his or her breakup, then that is precisely why she’s doing it. Facing the one that was meant to be her real love made Song-Ah a fighter, particularly when she rejects his pleas to speak about it.

6 When Yoon Se-Ri Hires Thugs – Crash Landing On You

Se-Ri sitting with Chinese/Korean thugs in Crash Landing On You

Yoon Se-Ri (Son Ye-Jin) was a robust character from the beginning for not solely surviving after by accident crashing in North Korea however for additionally standing her floor and proving the individuals who wished her demise improper. In Crash Landing On You, there are various cases that showcase Se-Ri’s robust character.

Many followers name her scene in episode 12 an iconic second for the character. Se-Ri, alongside along with her two staff, enterprise to Chinatown to contract native thugs for info. What makes it so impactful is that Se-Ri makes use of her earlier dilemma in North Korea as a badge of power and believes she will deal with something. Having purchased the thugs’ residence buildings, she makes use of this as leverage to get what she desires and even shocks them by talking Chinese.

5 Jang Man-Wol’s Fight Scene – Hotel Del Luna

Man-Wol fighting samurai ghost in Hotel Del Luna

In Hotel Del Luna, many followers title Jang Man-Wol (IU) as considered one of Okay-drama’s extra profound and powerful characters. Man-Wol spent many years paying for her previous crimes with out the necessity for love or a person in her life. Fans applauded the character as she, on multiple event, saved her love curiosity and lodge supervisor.

The character has immense power and ability as she stops a samurai ghost from killing her lodge supervisor. It’s not frequent to see the male lead quiver in worry earlier than their potential loss of life, solely to be saved by Man-Wol. With a steely gaze, Man-Wol makes use of her hairpin to kill the ghost. The better part is that she acts considerably indifferently to what happens, as if all the pieces that occurs is only a regular prevalence.

4 When Jung Tae-Eul Gets Her Suspect – The King: Eternal Monarch


Tae-Eul fights her criminal suspect in The King: Eternal Monarch

As a martial arts skilled detective with a robust sense of justice, it is onerous to select only one scene that encapsulates Jung Tae-Eul’s (Kim Go-Eun) boss character. Between her emotional second of escaping her near-death to her struggle scenes, Tae-Eul is a fan favourite.

Early on within the drama, followers get to see Tae-Eul’s spectacular combating expertise, due to her father being a tae kwon do teacher. Dressed as a metropolis lady, she purposefully crashes her automotive right into a suspect’s to get his consideration. The purpose she’s a boss on this sense is that everybody assumes she’s naive. But she roundhouse kicks the suspect and handcuffs him earlier than revealing that she’s truly the police.

3 When Go Moon Young Is At Her Book Signing Event – It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Moon Young pulling fans hair in It's Okay To Not Be Okay

The Netflix Okay-Drama, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is famend for its extremely emotional scenes and sibling relationship between two of the main characters. Above all, followers applauded the feminine lead, Go Moon Young (Seo Yea-Ji), who does as she pleases and would not have time for folks’s antics.

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Despite Moon Young’s chilly exterior, she does have a way of morals when one of many male characters, who has a developmental incapacity, is assaulted at her occasion. Her followers berate, insult, and even hit the male character. It’s a chilling second when Moon Young refuses to apologize to her followers and as a substitute ridicules them. She would not care if her followers hate her for doing what was proper.

2 When Do Ha-Na Takes On The School Bullies – The Uncanny Counter

Ha-Na pressing bullies face tot he wall in The Uncanny Counter

From her first time on display, Do Ha-Na (Kim Sejeong) was a fan favourite boss character. One of her most spectacular and boss scenes is when the drama mimics a scene from the webtoon it’s based on. The male lead character is getting bullied and Ha-Na seems to avoid wasting him.

Not solely is Ha-Na spectacular in her combating expertise, however in her general demeanor. She’s cool as a cucumber and does all the pieces with ease with out breaking a sweat. It’s secure to say that some mediocre college bullies aren’t a lot of a risk for Ha-Na.

1 When Han Se-Hye Embarrasses A Pervert – The Beauty Inside

Se-Hye taps businessman's backside at event in The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside is a must-watch romance drama for the feminine lead alone. Han Se-Gye (Seo Hyun-Jin) is a troublemaker in accordance with the press, however in actuality, has a powerful character that refuses to bow all the way down to anybody and has excessive morals. Because of this, considered one of her scenes tags her as a powerful lead when she stops a businessman’s perverted antics in the direction of a younger teen.

While at a photograph op with highschool college students, a businessman dares to ask a feminine scholar if she desires to be his girlfriend and touches her inappropriately. Se-Hye has had sufficient and offers him a style of his personal drugs. She touches him inappropriately as properly and makes use of his phrases towards him to show him a lesson.

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