Watch: Park Bo Young, Seo In Guk, And More Experience A Roller Coaster Of Emotions Behind The Scenes Of “Doom At Your Service”

The behind-the-scenes clip for Episodes 9 and 10 of “Doom at Your Service” has been launched!

The clip begins with Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young at a self-photo studio. The two apply how Park Bo Young will attempt to make Seo In Guk smile, they usually even excellent the precise quantity Seo In Guk’s character Myul Mang must be smiling. In one shot, Seo In Guk abruptly places his arm round Park Bo Young’s shoulders, startling her and creating an adorably reasonable picture.

At night time, the duo shoot exterior Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young)’s home. For Seo In Guk’s solo shot, Park Bo Young strikes round to get to the right angle for Seo In Guk to look down at. She jokingly feedback, “I’ll do that a lot for you.” Seo In Guk responds, “You’re my lifesaver.” Behind the digital camera, a employees member jokingly feedback that Park Bo Young solely acts like this once they’re filming behind-the-scenes movies, and the actress playfully responds, “Are you filming this properly?”

Later, Park Bo Young asks the director for tips on her line, “Do you wish to eat ramen earlier than you allow?” She practices varied tones on Seo In Guk, and he nonchalantly feedback, “I don’t actually know [which is best],” earlier than slipping away. A employees member tells Park Bo Young to recreate the sensation from “Oh My Ghostess,” and she replies, “I forgot.”

During Kang Tae Oh and Shin Do Hyun’s rehearsals, Kang Tae Oh means that she throw a towel at his face. As they apply, he helps calm Shin Do Hyun’s nerves by jokingly commenting, “Oh, it hurts.”

In the subsequent scene, Shin Do Hyun is inflicting a ruckus and have to be held again by three different individuals. The digital camera catches Lee Soo Hyuk standing expressionless within the again, and the director scoldingly laughs, “Soo Hyuk…”

Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk then apply the scene the place she tells him she’s leaving, and Seo In Guk expresses how genuinely unhappy it’s. During filming, the crew initially plans to solely shoot their palms, however the director catches Seo In Guk’s solemn expression and pans the digital camera upwards. Seo In Guk calls out in shock, “My expression wasn’t prepared!” and the director reassures him, “No, it was good!”

Ahead of an enormous crying scene, Park Bo Young shares, “I’m in such temper in the present day, this can be a massive downside.” However, she later has no downside getting in contact with the feelings of the scene, receiving silent hugs from Seo In Guk once they’re achieved filming and even making a employees member cry.

Check out the total behind-the-scenes video beneath!

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