Is it really time to say goodbye to Seo In-guk? Here’s a fan theory that brings him back

Before the discharge of Doom at Your Service episode 15, followers questioned if this episode would really mark the top of Doom or Myulmang as we all know him. Portrayed by Seo In-guk, this character has turn into probably the most liked characters in a melodrama.

With his sacrifice in Doom at Your Service, Dong-kyung, portrayed brilliantly by Park Bo-young, will get a new lease of life. In Doom at Your Service episode 15, we’ll how she adapts to life with out him and the illness that she was identified with.

She was heartbroken about his sacrifice, however she selected to settle for his choice as a result of he made it clear to her that some other consequence would additionally guarantee that she forgot him, and her reminiscences of him being wiped shouldn’t be what he wished.

This sacrifice can be essential for Myulmang as a result of that is his salvation. As Sonyeoshin has hinted a number of instances, he was created for Dong-kyung and it was fated that he sacrificed himself for Dong-kyung to reside. However, is there really no return for Myulmang in Doom at Your Service episode 15?

It is tough for followers to settle for that that is the top for Myulmang, particularly when the promo hints at the potential for his reappearance in Doom at Your Service episode 15. When Dong-kyung struggles to reside on a regular basis to the fullest, and returns to Myulmang’s empty dwelling, she clearly appears fairly heartbroken.

She does try to mark her days with out Myulmang, and as every day passes, she wonders if something that concerned her and Myulmang occurred. The solely proof that he was ever in her life is her reminiscence.

She makes an attempt to reside a regular life for these round her. She tries to transfer on, in Doom at Your Service episode 15, by assembly her household for a meal, by going to work and doing issues that Myulmang wished her to get pleasure from.

What hints at Myulmang’s return in Doom at Your Service episode 15?

However, is she comfortable? Seo In-guk’s voice poses this query. It can be this voice in Doom at Your Service episode 15 that makes audiences surprise if he’ll certainly come back. After all, his sacrifice was meant to give Dong-kyung a probability at a fulfilled and comfortable life.

There can be a fan theory that Myulmang will return 100 days after his sacrifice, related to his contract with Dong-kyung. Fans have additionally mentioned that Dong-kyung marking days within the calender is a foreshadowing of this.

Why do some followers not need a comfortable ending in Doom at Your Service episode 15?

While Dong-kyung could also be doing her finest for the time being to collect all of the items of her damaged coronary heart and transfer on, can she ever be comfortable once more realizing what she does?

She can be not dwelling the way in which Myulmang envisioned life for her, and this may be the rationale why he returns. There are additionally some followers who are not looking for a comfortable ending for the drama, as they consider that the present is themed round closing previous chapters and opening new ones, shifting ahead in life.

So, if Myulmang have been to return, will Dong-kyung transfer on? Doom at Your Service episode 15 will air on June twenty eighth, at 9 pm Korean Standard Time, and will be streamed on Viki.

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