SEO: Stranger Things 4: What the Teaser Clues May Mean

Stranger Things simply debuted a new teaser on the present’s YouTube channel, titled “Eleven, are you listening?,” and it guarantees to maintain followers busy digging for clues that would show essential to its fourth season. This teaser is a flashback depicting the inside of Hawkins National Laboratory from when Eleven was nonetheless a toddler. There, Dr. Brenner instructs his test-subjects whereas they play in a poorly lit room that’s painted with rainbows.

The teaser is barely a couple of minute lengthy, but it surely is stuffed with clues that would very effectively find yourself that means one thing in the grander scope of the present. Let’s have a look at them chronologically as they seem in the teaser.

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The Clock

Stranger Things Teaser Clock

The teaser opens up on a shot of an outdated, analog wall-clock in Hawkins Laboratory. Its gradual, methodical ticking runs virtually the size of the teaser and provides an ominous tone to the complete factor. It exhibits the final couple of seconds earlier than 3:00, which appears to be the time that occasions in the teaser happen. Details in Stranger Things are hardly ever random, so there may be in all probability a significance to the time. It additionally begins a continued theme of singling out numbers in the teaser. Since these kids are named with numbers, there might be a connection there as effectively.

The Camera

Stranger Things Teaser Camera

The second shot of the teaser is a digicam that’s recording the kids whereas they play. It takes up the entirety of the body and at first look, it does not appear to carry any future significance. By growing the brightness, nevertheless, the shot exhibits that the reflection of the two rainbows types a 5 on the digicam lens, which continues the numerical theme.

Plinko Game

Stranger Things Teaser Plinko Game

Next, a toddler performs a Plinko Game and drops a chip down via the pegs. Its hole sound resonates and embodies the empty and wicked setting of the lab. It additionally provides to the sample of numbers in the teaser. When the chip settles, it lands on the quantity seven, and there are chips already on the numbers 4 and eight. Maybe all of those numbers are signifying or foreshadowing the look of the kids related to these numbers. Another choice might be that this little one has some form of means to affect or decide likelihood and might decide the place the chip drops, just like how Eleven has telekinesis.

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Bird-Themed Chess Set

Stranger Things Teaser Chess

Two kids are additionally seen enjoying a sport of chess, and one strikes what appears to be the king piece. This explicit bird-themed set bears a robust resemblance to at least one featured in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. Whether there is a deeper connection between the two is unclear, but when nothing else, this might also be a callback to when Eleven launched the Upside Down with a D&D board. Notably, a chess board has each black and white areas that items can simply transfer between, so maybe this might be an indication that these kids may go out and in of the Upside Down at this time limit.

The chess board is also a roundabout reference to the title of the first episode, “The Hellfire Club.” Stranger Things has referenced the X-Men earlier than, with Will claiming Dustin’s X-Men #134 after profitable a motorbike race in the first episode, which has led some to theorize that this episode title got here from the 1980 Uncanny X-Men #129 comedian. In it, the X-Men discovered themselves in battle, and later in an alliance, with a bunch referred to as the Hellfire Club. Notably, the hierarchy inside the Hellfire Club and its Inner Circle was based mostly on the items of a chess set, with black and white units of kings, queens, bishops and rooks.

Magic 8-Ball

Stranger Things Teaser Magic 8-Ball

Another object of explicit curiosity is a Magic 8-Ball. While it additionally continues the numerical theme, this quantity already has significance in the present’s lore. In Stranger Things Season 2, Episode 7, “The Lost Sister,” Eleven runs away to Chicago and finds Kali. She was the different little one that Eleven noticed in the Rainbow Room in her mom’s recollections, and Eleven finds out that Kali has a numerical tattoo, similar to her personal. She is Eight. The toy is an apparent callback to Kali, and since the 8-Ball says, “Signs Point to Yes,” many followers have additionally taken it to imply that Kali can be returning in the upcoming Season 4.

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The Rainbow Room

Stranger Things Teaser Rainbow Room

The time and place of a specific piece is all the time essential. While the Rainbow Room is not precisely a brand new location, the setting continues to be important as a result of the writers determined to carry the viewers again to this particular level. When Dr. Brenner tells the children that he has “one thing very particular deliberate for [them],” possibly he’s about to introduce Eleven to the group. Or, maybe he’s about to have Eleven test her powers on them. After all, the announcement video that got here a day earlier than the teaser confirmed all of the similar objects, besides they have been lined in blood.

The Music

Stranger Things Teaser Dr. Brenner

The music that performs over the announcement video, “HNL Control Room,” is from a French opera referred to as Nina. The music known as, “Quand le bien-aimé reviendra,” and it tells the story of a lady ready for her beloved to return. This may merely be foreshadowing Kali’s return, or it might be about Mike and Eleven getting again collectively after Eleven moved away from Hawkins with the Byers household. It is also referring to Hopper discovering his approach again to Eleven after combating his Russian captors. For that matter, and this could be the probably given the teaser, it might be about the return of Eleven’s “papa,” Dr. Brenner.

Heavy Breathing

Stranger Things Teaser Room 11

At the very finish of the trailer, somebody off-screen is heard respiratory closely. This is in all probability Eleven, and it possible signifies that the entirety of the teaser is her reminiscence. She appears nervous about what occurs instantly after the digicam turns off. Maybe she does truly hurt a few of the different kids and is now remembering the occasion. It may additionally imply that “The Hellfire Club” is not simply an X-Men reference that Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas are aware of. It may truly be about Dr. Brenner’s test-children. In the X-Men comedian the place the membership was launched, the members have been particularly making an attempt to undermine Jean Gray, who has telekinetic talents like Eleven. So, possibly somebody in the collection will use their comedian e book data to call this group of children with powers, who may now be after Eleven for revenge.

Created by the Duffer Brothers, Stranger Things stars Winona Ryder, Millie Bobby Brown, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Joe Keery, Priah Ferguson, Cary Elwes, Jake Busey, Maya Thurman-Hawke and Levon Thurman-Hawke. Season 4 has but to obtain a launch date.

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