Netflix: 7 Questions The Finale Of “Sisyphus” Will Answer

This week, Netflix will air the ultimate two episodes of “Sisyphus”. We’re biting our nails and we are able to’t wait to seek out out what’s going to occur to Han Tae-sul (Cho Seung-woo) and Gang Seo-hae (Park Shin Hye). We received so stressed that we’ve actually listed down 7 questions we’ve in hopes that the present’s finale will reply!

If you’re solely discovering out about Sisyphus now, don’t sweat it. We’ve received you coated. This is a narrative about genius engineer Han Tae-sul and courageous time traveler Gang Seo-hae uniting to avoid wasting one another and the world, will quickly be coming to an finish. Supervillain Sigma (Kim Byong-chul) revealed his true identification and is actively taunting the duo.

With just a few episodes left, there’s a number of curiosity about how numerous conflicts might be resolved. Check out some questions we hope to have solutions to quickly right here.

1. Will Tae-sul select to avoid wasting Seo-hae or the world?

Sigma has repeatedly requested Tae-sul whether or not he’s going to decide on to avoid wasting Seo-hae or the world. Given his emotions for Seo-hae, Tae-sul has at all times chosen her as a substitute of the world. This is one thing that Sigma has identified, how everybody chooses to avoid wasting their family members over saving everybody else. It appears to be like like he’ll have to make a unique sort of determination if he desires to actually save her and keep away from dying.

2. Will Seo-hae and Tae-sul be capable of change the long run?

So far Seo-hae and Tae-sul have seen occasions that deviate from what occurred within the earlier timeline. Given that they’ve been capable of make some modifications this time, will they achieve success in altering the long run? Can they forestall the nuclear struggle and create a greater consequence for the Korean peninsula? Seo-hae sincerely believes that she will be able to succeed given the diary left behind by her lifeless self. Likewise, Tae-sul is assured he can repair issues. But it’s simpler mentioned than completed.

3. Sigma vs. Han Tae-sul: Who will win?

Seo-hae and Tae-sul need to get rid of Sigma so as to forestall catastrophic occasions from occurring. Sigma doesn’t declare duty for the struggle, however he retains concentrating on Tae-sul and Seo-hae. In their efforts to avoid wasting the world, will the duo kill Sigma? In the current timeline, Sigma goes by Seo Gil-bok and works as a painter. Is it doable for them to forestall Gil-bok from changing into Sigma or has an excessive amount of harm already been completed?


4. Will Tae-sul be capable of meet his brother once more?

When Tae-san (Heo Joon-seok) met Tae-sul of their previous reminiscence, he mentioned it will be their final time seeing one another. It was such a heartbreaking second when the older brother as soon as once more sacrificed himself for his youthful brother. If Tae-sul and Seo-hae can handle to vary the chain of occasions and save the world, they may doubtlessly save Tae-sul as properly. If they will forestall him from being on the run sooner or later, Tae-san and Tae-sul would possibly be capable of be reunited for good.

5. What will occur to time journey?

Seo-hae has requested Tae-sul to not create a time machine since that may assist forestall the nuclear struggle from breaking out. Tae-sul feels conflicted as a result of with no time machine, he wouldn’t be capable of meet Seo-hae at this age. The genius engineer most likely prefers an answer that includes saving the world, but additionally having Seo-hae with him. However, Sigma simply wants the coding for the uploader now. Even if Sigma is unsuccessful, may time journey nonetheless be invented?

6. What will occur to everybody else?

The destiny of everybody is determined by what occurs between Tae-sul, Seo-hae, and Sigma. What will occur to the brokers, specifically Mr. Park (Sung Dong-il)? Mr. Park feels conflicted and is aware of that his previous self is a scoundrel, however he’s additionally involved about ensuring his spouse and daughter are secure. Eddy Kim (Tae In-ho) continues to be in love with Kim Seo-jin (Jeong He-in) and is actively serving to Sigma construct the uploader. Will he proceed betraying his good friend for the lady he loves? Sun (Chae Jong-hyeop) was about to go away Korea when he received captured and brought to Sigma. Sigma is threatening Sun with the security of his mom and sister, so will he betray Seo-hae?

7. Will Tae-sul and Seo-hae each survive till the top?

(*7*)Tae-sul and Seo-hae have each seen a part of what occurs sooner or later at their marriage ceremony. Seo-hae will get shot and Tae-sul has to decide on between saving Seo-hae or the world. Will the pair be capable of keep away from this tragedy? Will they be capable of have a cheerful ending? Will solely one in all them survive? Will they each survive however by no means meet once more? Only time will inform the destiny of the beloved protagonists.

Images by Netflix.

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